7 backyard design ideas to bring you closer to nature


Nature is undoubtedly the hero of this lush Alibag home by ADND. Our favorite spot of all is the interior courtyard which overlooks the landscaped exterior, filled with tropical plants and perennial flowers. Just sit on the wicker chair or the wooden charpoy-shaped bench and watch the world go by.

3. An interior courtyard that has become a private garden

Photo: Murtaza Gandhi/Manoj Patel Design Studio

An upward view of the triple-height courtyard, with the acrylic at the highest level, topped with a grid. During the day, a slow pattern of light and shadow indicates the movement of the sun. Clay tiles wrap one wall, while hanging pendant lights provide illumination after the sun sets. Photo: Murtaza Gandhi/Manoj Patel Design Studio

Manoj Patel has designed a patch of greenery in a small 2,200 square foot lot, in the form of an enclosed courtyard in this Vadodara home. “The land was small, flanked by low-rise structures. So using the front for a conventional garden would have resulted in privacy issues, while pushing the structure behind would mean there would be much less space to use,” explains the architect. spreading outwards. Large bay windows are not possible. In addition, the back of this land had a dump for the local corporation, so there was no question of providing windows on this side. “However, putting the garden in the center gave each room a view, which it wouldn’t have if it had been located in front of the bungalow,” he adds. Devyani Jayakar


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