Best indoor garden 2022: smart tech for your green thumb


Some of us just aren’t blessed with green thumbs. Still, if having fresh herbs or vegetables seems too good to pass up, there are ways to make it happen, even for those not horticulturally inclined. Indoor smart gardens do most of the work for you when it comes to growing herbs and vegetables, including reminding you to water and adjusting lights to the appropriate setting.

We’ve rounded up the best indoor smart gardens that include features like vacation mode, self-watering, customizable seed pods, and more. to grow your garden in no time.

Gardyn Home Kit

Best vertical garden



Complete with an AI-based assistant app, this five-foot-tall vertical gardening system debuted at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show. Gardyn can grow up to 30 plants simultaneously using a built-in LED lighting, sensors and a fully self-contained six-gallon water tank for weeks without adding water. The free app lets you see more details about your plants, including when a crop is ready to harvest or your plants’ temperature, humidity and water levels.

This indoor smart garden also has a vacation mode to preserve your plants when you’re away, and you can even check on them remotely in the app via Gardyn’s built-in vision system. Gardyn lets you grow greens, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers, all with minimal effort on your part since AI technology takes care of your plants for you.


  • AI technology with cameras and sensors
  • One year warranty
  • Companion app

The inconvenients

  • Most expensive option
  • Requires Wi-Fi


Ideal for micro greens



If you’re strictly into the world of microgreens, the Ingarden is a great indoor smart garden option that also looks super stylish in your kitchen. This indoor smart garden uses self-contained irrigation complete with a ventilation system and wicking structure so you can easily grow microgreens. Simply place the included pads on the grow beds, pour water over them, hold the light timer on high for three seconds, and get fresh microgreens about a week later.

Ingarden offers various USDA certified organic microgreens such as arugula, watercress, radish, etc. You can grow up to three blocks of microgreens at a time.


  • It comes in stylish colors like mint and rose
  • No soil involved
  • Certified organic plants

The inconvenients

  • Customers have noted that sprouts grow at a slightly slower rate than traditional methods
  • Only grows microgreens, so a limited variety of crops

iDOO Hydroponics System

Best budget



Those looking to get started with indoor smart gardens but don’t want to spend a lot should consider the iDOO hydroponics system. Even though this is the cheapest option on this list, it still comes with seven plant pods so you can harvest many different plants at once.

Some of its features include 24W LED lights that simulate the spectrum of sunlight, two water pump modes and a five liter water tank, and three lighting modes depending on the growth stage of your plants. It also has an adjustable light height so the light moves as your plants grow as they grow.


  • Adjustable light height
  • Low cost option
  • Different water and light modes

The inconvenients

  • Different lighting modes can be finicky
  • Very bright light – do not place near where you sleep

Aerogarden Harvest Elite

Better customizable cropping



Perhaps one of the most recognizable brands in indoor smart garden space, Aerogarden offers many smart planters to start your indoor garden. The Harvest Elite is a compact option that still allows six plants to grow. As your plants grow, its extendable arm reaches up to 12 inches in height to allow for more room.

The pot itself has automatic reminders for water and food, so you never have to guess when your plants need something. A big plus from Aerogarden is its grow kits which allow you to put any seed in its pod, meaning you get more options with what you grow rather than a specific selection of seeds to choose from. Choose.


  • Can plant any seeds you want
  • Silent water pump
  • Holiday mode setting

The inconvenients

  • Expensive seed kits
  • Water should be refilled quite often

Click & Grow 3 Indoor Smart Garden

Best starter garden


Click and grow

The Click & Grow 3 Indoor Smart Garden is your best bet if you have a small space to work in. At 9 x 4.9 x 12.5 inches, it’s the most compact option on our list, but it still holds three plants of your choice. You can choose from over 50 herbal refill capsules to choose from, including peppers, chives, catnip, yellow tomatoes, and more. Click & Grow plants contain a patented nano-material called Smart Soil which automatically releases oxygen and water to your plants and is inspired by NASA technology.

The fixture’s lamp has a 16 hour on/eight hour off cycle to optimize your plants’ growth. Plus, its water float indicator will let you know when it’s time to refill the reservoir. And since there is no water pump, the Click & Grow is completely silent.


  • Compact
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Completely silent

The inconvenients

  • Fill indicator could be better
  • Only three plant pod spaces

How did we choose these indoor smart gardens?

We looked at the best brands in indoor smart garden space to compile this list. We made sure that each indoor smart garden we chose had essential features like built-in lighting and watering indicators and was easy for everyone to use based on the device’s instructions. In addition, we paid close attention to customer reviews, whether good or bad, to make our final decision.

Which indoor smart garden is right for you?

To determine which of these indoor smart gardens is best for you, consider your physical space limitations and your level of expertise in growing plants. For example, the Gardyn Indoor Smart Garden saves space as it grows upwards, but its high-tech features are more for people who have at least grown herbs and vegetables before and know the basics.

However, for true gardening beginners, an indoor smart garden like the Click & Grow or the Ingarden are great options as they are both easy to use and contain only three plants, so you don’t have to to care about many different cultures. once.

Quick comparison

Gardyn Home Kit


iDOO Hydroponics System

Aerogarden Harvest Elite

Click & Grow 3 Indoor Smart Garden







Number of plants






Dimensions (LxWxH)

24 x 12 x 60 in.

15.35 x 5.9 x 7.88 inches

13.7 x 5.5 x 14.6 inches

10.5 x 6.25 x 17.4 inches

9 x 4.9 x 12.5 inches.

How does an indoor smart garden work?

Indoor gardens are “smart” because they have built-in technology and sensors that can tell you when to fill the water tank, automatically turn lights on/off, and even adjust the height of lights as your plants grow. Plus, indoor smart gardens take the guesswork out of growing your own herbs and vegetables, because all you have to do is plant the seeds, and the device will let you know if anything needs tending.

Most indoor smart gardens also have companion apps that can give you tips on caring for certain plants, set a time you’ll be away from your garden, or even let you know about the conditions. growth of your plants in real time.

What can you grow in an indoor smart garden?

Indoor smart gardens allow you to grow various plants inside your house or apartment. For example, you can grow herbs like basil, thyme, cilantro, lavender, and fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and peppers. Each indoor smart garden brand usually sells refillable plant pods that you can buy with different types of herbs, vegetables, or flowers, but some also offer customizable pods to put the type of seeds you want in them. pods.

Are there other indoor smart gardens to consider?

While all of these indoor smart gardens are great options, here are a few others to consider:


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