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The global rebar processing equipment market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 6% during the forecast period (2022-2029).

Market overview

The highest demand for rebar processing equipment has been seen in the Asia-Pacific region owing to the ongoing industrialization in developing countries.

Europe and North America are the hardest hit regions in terms of the rebar market, with scrap prices rising by USD 45-65 per ton in 2020, forcing major companies to slow down production rate, as Riva Group shut down steelmaking operations at its Hennigsdorf site in Germany.

Rebar prices are expected to witness a further rise in 2021 due to strong demand from steel fabricators and fabricators, which will significantly increase the prices of finished products from steel fabricators and fabricators to create hype in the costs.

Automatic rebar processing equipment will possess the vast demand in the future to integrate losses with higher machine production rates and cost-effectiveness, requiring the modification of processing machines with modern operation techniques and the shift to automation with an introduction to the cloud and CNC. apps.

The market will witness significant growth in developing countries with major market players introducing rental and used rebar processing machine options for low budget projects. For example, Schnell Spa, an Italy-based company that offers different categories of used rebar processing equipment, including used assembly machine, stirrup bender, cutting machine and others with certification and 100% guarantee.

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Market dynamics

Rebar is the most common material for the construction industry, which will lead to significant growth in the rebar processing equipment industry.

Rebar processing equipment is mainly used in construction to process rebar with different machines, including straighteners, shears, benders, etc.

The increasing number of cases of accidents and fatalities resulting from manual labor in rebar and other construction processing operations is meeting the market demand for rebar processing equipment.

Market segmentation

  • By type
  • Per end user
  • By region

By End User – Bar Bending Machine

Bar bending machine, also known as bar bending machine, has gained immense popularity in the building and construction industry in recent years.

In the construction industry, a bar bending machine is used to bend the round steel bar and steel rebars to design the structure required for building the base of any building structure. The major players offer automatic and semi-automatic bar benders using high quality materials that are durable, fast and economical, used for bending reinforcement bars and various shapes of round bars.


The global rebar equipment market was active and in extreme prosperity before the pandemic hit the world.

Additionally, many steel fabricators opened completed rebar processing facilities, which boosted the demand for rebar processing equipment in the pre-COVID era. For example, Agha Steel Industries in Pakistan received a new rebar plant from Primetals Technologies, located in London, UK. The rolling mill manufactures rebar for the domestic market and produces 300,000 metric tons per year. Additionally, on May 29, 2019, Daehan Steel Co., Ltd. of South Korea has given SMS Group an order to complete the rebar rolling mill at its Pyeongtaek plant.

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GEOGRAPHIC Analysis – North America

  • The construction industry in South America has seen slow but steady growth in recent years. However, the industry is expected to grow rapidly over the forecast period. Despite the region’s financial and political uncertainties, the construction industry is expected to grow at a rate of 2.6% per year between 2020 and 2023. As a result, the growing number of construction projects in the region are more likely to increase. accelerating the market for rebar processing equipment for various applications.
  • Rising government investment in mega projects and arrival of various global construction projects in the region is expected to improve the construction industry, triggering the rebar processing equipment market during the period of forecast.


  • The global rebar processing equipment market is highly fragmented, with the presence of global and regional players.
  • The market is highly competitive with the expansion of rebar processing facilities and the introduction of advanced processing equipment.
  • In March 2019, Akron Rebar Company made a multi-million dollar investment in

state-of-the-art equipment with two comprehensive, fully automated cutting and bending stations to process inventory rebar to increase speed and capacity, positioning the organization for robust, long-term growth.

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