How Luxlighting Technology Private Limited is disrupting the laboratory equipment and instruments industry in India


Luxlighting Technology Private Limited has been in business since 2003 and is a leading manufacturer and supplier of laboratory equipment and instruments under the brand names “LaboSys” and “LuxMed” to a wide range of Universities, Colleges, research and development laboratories and other institutions. . They started manufacturing science lab equipment in-house in 2003, when it was previously available exclusively by import. They deeply believe in keeping goals and achieving them.

Their goal has always been to prioritize the demands of our consumers, which forces us to constantly modify and improve our products in order to increase their acceptance by the general public. Through persistent effort and dedication, they have won the trust of their customers gradually and steadily, to the extent that product specifications are used to create tender specifications for the procurement of laboratory equipment. by leading universities, institutes, colleges and other educational organizations. .

To establish the “LaboSys” and “LuxMed” brands, which have contributed significantly to the scientific path over time, they have made full dedication and persistent effort, aided by a professionally managed workforce. , and above all, we have worked diligently and passionately. In the instrument business, the “LaboSys” ® and “LuxMed” brands were created by a BIT Mesra medical biomedical TM instrumentation professional, Ranchi, who had great ambition and built the company to offer the best industry product.

They have now managed to establish themselves firmly in the scientific market thanks to the supply and efficiency that have been methodically achieved in their very modern manufacturing facility.

How are they the best in their industry?

Better quality of equipment and brand

Before buying laboratory equipment, whether for a chemical or medical laboratory, it is essential to gather information on the many brands or types of laboratory devices available in the market. For specialized purposes, major manufacturers will offer high-end and high-quality types of equipment. It is essential to select the appropriate model for the unique requirements of your laboratory. Also consider product features, consistency of performance and accuracy. Purchasing branded laboratory instruments has the advantage of increased durability and operational efficiency.

High and up-to-date manufacturing standards

There are regulatory bodies that certify that products and industrial processes meet global standards. Verify that your desired lab equipment vendor has these certifications. The European Commission and the International Organization for Standardization are two well-known standards bodies. Most manufacturers also obtain certification from the International Safe Transit Association for Safe Shipping of Laboratory Equipment (ISTA).

Ease of use

The lab equipment you choose should be simple to use. In addition, it must guarantee the safety of users. It should be user-friendly, and it’s a good idea to check that its features support the many operations in the lab. It’s best to choose modern automated equipment that requires little user intervention and reduces the time it takes to run tests, especially if your lab is understaffed.

After sales service

Make sure you are familiar with the maintenance needs of the product, especially those related to the warranty. This is especially important if the lab equipment you select requires routine maintenance which should be performed by a highly trained professional with experience in the repair and maintenance of medical equipment. In some cases, the manufacturer’s warranty will be voided if the laboratory equipment has not been serviced at intervals specified by personnel authorized by the manufacturer. In terms of certified service technicians, some manufacturers do not allow a facility’s in-house service personnel to perform service; therefore, make sure your selected supplier can arrange one and help you locate accredited professionals for your equipment in your area.

The Ethical Equipment story

The best way to find out the history of an instrument is to speak with the seller. If you are considering buying used tools, make sure there are no known problems with the equipment. If possible, request maintenance logs from the lab if purchasing directly from them to ensure the instrument is in good working order. Calculating how much money you’ll spend over the next few years on whether you’re buying old or new equipment will help you make the best choice.

The most critical factor to consider is whether a manufacturer stocks the necessary instruments to help you increase the quality of services provided in your laboratory.


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