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The Madison Village government hopes to start a major infrastructure project later this year that will eventually lead to the dismantling of the community’s sewage treatment plant.

But until this undertaking – which involves interconnecting sanitary sewers – is completed, the village still has to keep its treatment plant running smoothly. This point was highlighted at the last two village council meetings, when steps were taken to obtain new equipment for the factory.

“It’s unfortunate that we have to replace some of these things when (the sewage treatment plant) is only going to continue to operate for a short time, but there’s really no way around it,” said the village administrator, Dwayne Bailey. .

The board, at its March 28 meeting, approved a purchase order for $4,300 for a motor controller to be installed in the plant.

“We have a motor controller that’s breaking down and we need it to work,” Bailey said. “Technically we could still work with this, but it will mean large amounts of overtime because the plant is not running in automatic mode…and you get an alarm and you have to go in and reset things.”

The village will purchase it from Bayhurst Industrial Electronics of Erie, Pennsylvania.

Then, at the March 14 council meeting, the committee authorized a purchase order for $9,860 for the purchase of a new pump.

“This pump has already been rebuilt twice, and now the case is beyond repair,” Bailey said.

He described the acquisition of the new pump as “a necessary and urgent expense”.

The village will purchase the device from Craun Liebing Co. of Westlake.

Bailey said the village has been trying to avoid spending money on plant upgrades due to a sanitary sewer interconnection project slated to begin later this year.

The project will include the construction of a new trunk line to deliver sewage from the village to the Lake County Sanitary Sewer Pump Station, which is located near the 2700 block of Hubbard Road in Madison Township.

The county will complete a companion project to make upgrades to this pump station or install a new water main to direct village sanitary sewage to the Lake County Department of Utilities Wastewater Treatment Plant on Dock Road. in Madison Township.

Madison Village is expected to solicit bids early this month from contractors to build its portion of the project.

Village government leaders estimate that the sanitary sewer interconnection will be complete and operational by at least the spring of 2023. At that time, the village will stop accepting and treating sewage and decommission its treatment plant. sewage on Middle Ridge Road.

Additionally, the Village will eventually transfer billing, operations and administration of sewer and water services in the community to the Lake County Department of Utilities.


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