Moose Jaw Garden Centers Spring into Action with a Full Selection of Growing Products


Garden centers have opened their doors in the spring, and while it may be a while before annuals and perennials are ready for sale, it’s never too early to get seeds, floors, pavers and tools for your garden.

Garden centers have opened their doors in the spring, and while it may be a while before annuals and perennials are ready for sale, it’s never too early to get seeds, floors, pavers and tools for your garden.

Keon Garden Center – 1645 Stadacona Street West

The Keon Garden Center has been open for about a month, owner Marcy Duffey said, and their plants are ready to be planted outdoors. Annuals cannot be planted outside until the May long weekend. The trees and shrubs have not yet been delivered for the same reasons, but Duffey does not think it will be long.

Strawberries are growing in the greenhouse and will be ready in about a month, along with hundreds of other perennials.

“We grow over 500 varieties of perennials right here on site,” Duffey said. “We always start our produce from two or three year old roots, so it’s a good plant that flowers the first year you put it in the ground… There aren’t a lot of independent greenhouses that do all their own perennials – we’ve been around for 35 years, so we’ve gotten pretty good at it.

By the end of May, Keon Garden Center will have a full selection of all types of garden plants that will grow in Saskatchewan. They also carry tools, irrigation supplies, decorations, loose aggregate, cobblestones and stones, fountains, and more.

Keon offers several brands of vegetable, organic and GMO seeds. Duffey explained that “genetically modified” simply means that these varieties have been carefully bred for greater hardiness — they have thicker stems, resistance to blight and common viruses, and/or produce more produce. The trade-off is that GMOs sometimes lose their flavor or color. A balance between original and specially selected plants is what most people should be looking for.

The staff at the garden center have a wealth of experience which they are happy to share. Duffey said one of the things they’ve noticed recently is an increase in vegetable seed sales. People are getting more and more interested in growing their own food – she plans to start offering gardening workshops soon that will answer the most frequently asked questions and hopefully increase the success rate for new gardeners .

Cornell Design & Landscaping – 11 km south of Moose Jaw on Highway #2

Cornell Design & Landscaping also opened in mid-March and has been busy raising small annuals and perennials to adopt into a forever home. However, they also grew during the winter, and these plants are ready to go now.

“We have hundreds of tropical houseplants that we’ve grown over the winter, so they’re all ready to go,” Leslie Cornell said. She is especially pleased with their dragon tails, which are interesting and don’t require much care to grow well.

Cornell said they grow many of their plants to appeal to the “single market”.

“We also have succulents, lots and lots of succulents that are ready to go home with people. Succulents are pretty cool,” she said. “The good thing about succulents for grasslands is that very often succulents come from the desert…and our grassland area often feels like a desert where we have very hot days and cool nights.”

Growing annuals such as petunias can be difficult here, Cornell said, because they’re not hardy in these conditions: “You can go to work in the morning and come home at the end of the day and they’ll all be dead.” Succulents? You could probably go on vacation for two weeks and they would still look great.

Cornell Design & Landscaping is a Barkman Concrete dealer. Cornell said they chose Barkman because it met the quality standards they wanted. They can also design, build and maintain landscaping, as well as offer advice and solutions for all gardening needs.

Landscaping and yard maintenance quotes are free in Moose Jaw, and Cornell said they offer maintenance discounts for seniors.

Windmill Greenhouses – 1640 Ominica Street East

While regular greenhouse hours won’t begin until Mother’s Day, owner Sandy Couture is excited for Windmill to open April 30 at 7 p.m.

“We call it Gardening by Moonlight,” Couture said, “so people can see what the greenhouse looks like in the evening. It starts at seven and we go until the last person leaves!

They sow most of their own produce and work a lot with planters and hanging baskets, Couture said. When opened, they will contain vegetables, herbs, perennials, bedding plants, and a few trees and shrubs.

Windmill Greenhouses is also looking forward to their Mother’s Day event, which they always try to make special.

Couture considers ambiance an important part of its business, with music and specialty coffees and great care taken in the pottery and gift shop displays.

“It’s just always exciting, because we’re seasonal and only open for a few months,” she said. “So yeah, we’re just excited to be open for spring.”


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