Paris Design Week 2022 recap: Here are our top favorite designs from this year’s first Maison et Objet!


After a measured return to normal last year in September, this year’s first Maison&Objet caused a stir with its first event of 2022. Held from March 24-28, the highly anticipated show has seen an overwhelming response, with over 3000 exhibitors come together to help propel the design industry forward and enable design businesses to thrive. The event spanned 14 different sectors, covering several different themes, spotlighting thousands of companies and design studios, and showcasing a dizzying variety of new and classic products. Here in this list, we pick out some standout designs that we absolutely adored at the Maison&Objet 2022 show held during Paris Design Week.

AVORA Suc Beach Racket

Designed to be a fresh-looking piece of kit you can take with you, the AVORA Suc is a nifty racket and beach ball kit for knocking out a badminton/tennis hybrid game while you’re outdoors. The highlight of the Suc is its carrying case, which incorporates both wooden bats as well as a foam ball into its unique design. The bats rest with their handles on the outside of the Suc’s carrying case, looking oddly attractive to say the least. Once you’re at the beach or on the lawn, the bats pop out of their cases easily and you can play just about any type of game you want. If you have a table nearby, you can even play table tennis!

Iride table lamp

With its unique appeal and magnetic design, the Iride allows you to light up your table or space simply by positioning your lamp where you want it. You see, the bulb-shaped lamp sits magnetically on its rectangular base (with an angled edge). Attach it to the flat part of the base for vertical ambient light or plug it into the angled corner of the base to point it at an angle for more downward controlled light. Also, since the anchoring system of the lamp is magnetic, you don’t really need the base if you have iron surfaces in the house. A table top, or the side of a cabinet perhaps!

Wunderkey key organizer

A permanent example of German efficiency, the Wunderkey is a functional piece of EDC that organizes your keys into a small Swiss Army knife-inspired stick that’s slim enough to fit in your pocket. The Wunderkey makes it easy to organize and access your keys, and if the sound of keyrings clicking annoys you, the compact design ensures you don’t sound like a one-man mariachi band. The Wunderkey comes in a choice of materials, including a modern aluminum body, classic leather exterior and, if you’re feeling fancy, carbon fiber!

HAAN Ready – Refillable Hydroalcoholic Spray

The word “rechargeable” is perhaps a bit of a misnomer, given that the designers were trying to convey the fact that this nifty little vaporizer is, in fact, refillable. Meet the HAAN Ready, a slim, portable sanitizer bottle designed to fit in pockets, purses and beyond. Designed with a slim profile and a spray button that won’t accidentally deploy, the HAAN Ready allows you to easily fill the bottle with a wide selection of HAAN’s disinfectant fluids. HAAN describes its catalog of sanitizers as “Five scents that will remind you of your favorite night out, but this time without a hangover and with clean, moisturized hands.” The French know how to handle words, huh?!

MoriMori LED Lantern Speaker

The MoriMori LED Lantern Speaker projects the aesthetic charm and classic appeal of a mid-19th century kerosene lamp, smartly updated with energy-efficient LEDs and a compact Bluetooth speaker. It generates continuous ambient light and crisp 360° sound, creating a harmonious atmosphere in any space. Oh, and just like the original Hurricane light that inspired its design, you can easily adjust the brightness with the turn of a knob!

Naturalys Terrarium

Discover the Naturalys Terrarium, a handmade glass container that, in itself, houses an entire floral ecosystem that can stand on its own. All Naturalys terrariums are made in their workshops in Avignon, and use soil specifically developed for terrarium cultivation. This earth, enriched in particular with activated carbon, makes it possible to avoid mold in the substrate as well as the plants despite a very humid environment. A mini plant world that requires almost no maintenance!

pet battery charger

A quirky little pen-shaped device, this mini power bank looks like an elongated animal with legs that allow it to stand upright on a table when not in use, and prop your phone up at an angle while you charge your device! The animals make adorable little table accessories and can also be transported! My only reservation is the fact that they have a rather poorly located charging port!

Lexon Mino+ speaker

Designed to look like a Google Home smart speaker but ridiculously smaller, the Lexon Mino+ is a Bluetooth-powered mini speaker that fits in your palm, but can pump out 3W of sound that sounds impressive for a such a small device. Available in a variety of rather sleek finishes (the chrome one looks delicious), the Mino+ now even charges wirelessly, so you can essentially place it on your charging mat to top it up when the battery is low!


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