Spring Gardening: Easy-to-manage plants, rewilding, design trends and expert advice from Diarmuid Gavin


Welcome to our guide to spring gardening.

he last two years have been extremely difficult for everyone, but it seems like we are finally emerging, blinking in the spring sunshine, and normal freedoms are being restored to us.

For many people, the pandemic has forced us to reevaluate what is important and valuable in this precious life.

For many people, the answer lies in nature and in appreciating this wonderful planet we live on.

In this guide, you’ll find simple ways to transform your garden into a space that suits you, whatever your lifestyle.

Diarmuid Gavin: How to create a garden the whole family can enjoy

How do you make a garden work for everyone in the family? Can a plot really work for everyone – kids, teens, adults, and pets? Newly constructed gardens are relatively small and every inch counts. With careful planning and a good dose of imagination, you can plan a plot that succeeds in delighting all ages. And here’s what you should consider before you start creating.

Top 10 plants for easy growing with minimal care

These little beauties don’t require much care and can brighten up any garden.

Catherine Fitzgerald: My Spring at Glin Castle – a time to plan and dream in search of the perfect garden

Catherine FitzGerald describes the beauties of spring in Glin and the gardening work to be done now, from moving to mulching. The days are getting longer, the quality of light is changing; it’s time to take care.

Spring Gardening – Bring the outdoors in with these 5 hot indoor plant trends

As we embrace color and maximalism in fashion and interiors, it’s no surprise the trend has spilled over into colorful indoor plants – and the flamingo flower is a popular choice.

The great outdoors – how to make the most of your own space

The garden has become a social space out of necessity, but remains so by choice. Outdoor living, like remote working, is the way of the future. The trick is knowing how to set it up.

Join the Grow It Yourself revolution – with 5 foods you can grow right now

Growing your own food really isn’t that scary. Sure, things might not develop properly, but in the scheme of the problems we face as a world, that’s not that bad, is it? Seeds want to grow and they know what to do next. Stick them in the ground and go.

Four seasons of inspiration – 10 gardens at home and abroad that you simply must visit

What to see, where and when; Rosie Maye has some great gardens to visit and be inspired by all year round.

Get ready to take a walk on the wild side – 5 tips to start your rewilding journey

Landscaper Leonie Cornelius tells us why finding a joyful and harmonious balance between human interaction and wilderness is the best recipe for successful rewilding – of your garden and yourself.


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