The Botanical Garden opens a play area for perennials


This Saturday, March 19, Cleveland Botanical Garden officially opened the Ron and Lydia Harrington Perennial Playground.

Designed to complement the Garden’s greenhouse exhibits, the space provides interactive learning experiences for children and their families, giving them context for the natural world around them.

There is something for every child to participate and have fun in the sensory play area. “We are excited to open this four-season learning and enrichment space that complements our Glasshouse biomes,” said Jill Koski, President and CEO of Holden Forests and Gardens. “Children and families can use play, observation, creativity and other hands-on opportunities to create personal and meaningful connections with their natural environment. Our hope is that this experience will sow the seeds of lasting habits of stewardship. of the environment.

The Garden has worked closely with Roto Groupan experiential design company in Dublin, Ohio, to capture plant life locally and globally.

The exhibition is multi-sensory and multi-faceted, as it offers several activities for children to carry out.

For those with a knack for creativity, there’s a scrubbing table and a collaboration tree for crafting. The rubbing table lets kids touch and experiment with natural plant materials, and the collaboration tree lets kids create their own plants to hang from a tree-shaped sculpture.

If you’re more of an observer than a hands-on person, check out the magnification station, light table, or sensory play station in the new play space.

Each station’s activities showcase different aspects of plant life, from the feel of the specimens to their microscopic detail. Additionally, a panther chameleon native to Madagascar demonstrates its colorful ability to adapt to its environment in a terrarium.

There is something for every child to participate and have fun in the sensory play area. Toddlers can make music with bamboo; buzz around a beehive and pretend to live like a bee while climbing a larger-than-life cluster of honeycombs; and draw their favorite animals at the sketch frame station.

The gallery was designed for the enjoyment of people of all ages. In addition to children’s activities, guests can learn about Northeast Ohio’s plant communities and those in the garden through a new mural.

Botanical Garden patrons can tour a rooftop planter and view works by Cleveland artist Emily Katzin, which features collages using leaves and other plant-based materials to create insects and animals, as well as what to highlight sustainability issues related to waste and local ecology.

The Perennial Playspace will be open year-round. For a full list of featured activities and attractions, Click here.


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