Vietnamese Visitor Center Offers Bamboo Design Masterclass


After its Diamond Island community center and its Vedana restaurant, the Vietnamese company VTN Architects is once again showcasing its expertise in bamboo with the Grand World Phu Quoc Welcome Center. The building impresses visitors with an intricate structure made up of more than 42,000 individual bamboo pieces.

Grand World Phu Quoc (aka Vinpearl Phu Quoc) Visitor Center is housed in the Phu Quoc United Center resort and entertainment complex in Vietnam.

The bamboo building reaches a total height of 14.8 meters (48.5 feet) and consists of a concrete base and a thatched roof, with a skylight installed to maximize natural light. The main structure is formed from many layers of modular bamboo sections, which have been painstakingly joined together using ropes and pins.

It is quite large at 1,460 m² (approximately 15,700 sq ft) and consists of two impressive domed interior spaces which are inspired by the traditional Vietnamese cultural symbols of the lotus and the bronze drum, as well as a lobby smaller entrance accessed through an arched opening. The interior is very open and bright, and is naturally ventilated throughout the year.

The structure of the Grand World Phu Quoc Welcome Center is made up of 42,000 pieces of bamboo which have been put together with rope and pins

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“Vinpearl Phu Quoc’s structural system is hybrid,” explained VTN Architects. “Vinpearl’s structural system combines arches, domes and grid systems, which accumulates our knowledge in the use of bamboo for various structural forms. A hybrid system tests and unifies several different forms, creating a unique aesthetic for the A cantilevered edge requires special consideration using braces as secondary structural members to the primary structural members.

“The space is completely open due to the nature of the systems and the way we assemble the bamboo elements. This is due to the nature of our simple assembly system, with ropes and weak fasteners cost. The modular and braced nature of our frames also increases the transparency of the structure.”

VTN Architects have been honing their skills with bamboo for some time now and also recently produced the somewhat similar Casamia Community House. Additionally, the company is keen to increase the amount of greenery in downtown Vietnam by covering its buildings with plants and trees, as seen on projects like the Bat Trang House.

Source: VTN architects


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