4 Luxurious Ahmedabad Villas That Embrace Nature and Bold Design


Ashish Kesurvala and Khooshbu Thakkar of SAK Designs may have been sitting on an empty 2,200 square meter lot on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, but their minds were somewhere on the sunny Aegean shore. Their clients, a close-knit Gujarati family, had a simple request: to build a weekend house where they could spend time together and entertain friends. It was the expansive views of nothing but greenery and bright blue skies, along with a tight budget, that prompted the duo to consider a minimalist approach and adopt a design inspired by Cycladic architecture. The characteristic cubic structure, evocative of the houses of Santorini or Mykonos, belies the openness of its interiors.

The public and private spaces of the house are all arranged around a central courtyard.

Ishita Sitwala

As you step through the bright blue door, a circular central courtyard captures your full attention. The curved architecture draws the eye to the bright, open sky. Spread over two levels and on an expansive 5,630 square foot lot, the rest of the house is structured around this courtyard. Just like its design inspiration, openness and fluidity govern the architecture. The upper level is mainly occupied by an expansive terrace which overlooks the rest of the house and offers a bird’s eye view of the grassy surroundings. As the sun sets, it’s the perfect setting for a party. “Overall, the house is designed as a space and a place to celebrate life. We want the younger generation to come together and play, chat and enjoy life in its simplest form,” says Kesurvala. – Nicole Newby

3. An Ahmedabad bungalow where light and shadow create a striking impression

Like a leitmotif, the rectilinear motif of the exterior screens is echoed on the double-height screen adjoining the staircase. The staircase itself has a sculptural presence, its lower level is a mix of marble cladding and wood, exhibiting a rugged solidity. However, its character changes as it rises, turning into a thin wooden tread supported by a metal frame with almost no risers. The light-as-air appearance makes it look like it might start swaying if there’s a strong gust of wind.

Tilted Studio

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