5 tips for maximizing your garden’s potential with backyard farming supplies


BROOMFIELD, Colo., July 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Gardening can be an incredibly rewarding hobby, and it’s one the whole family can enjoy. However, many people struggle to get started or don’t know how to maximize their garden’s potential. To help you out, here are five quick tips from Backyard Farming Supply (BFS) that will help you get the most out of your gardening time, no matter what type of gardener you are!

Start with good soil

A good foundation is the key to any successful garden. Nothing will kill a garden faster than bad soil, so start with the best soil you can find. Through its network of partners, Backyard Farming Supply can help provide you with top quality soil. You can also add compost to your soil which you can either make yourself with food scraps and a bit of time or buy through the BFS network. This helps enrich your soil and create great nutrient value in the soil. Finally, feel free to add additional organic amendments to the soil to provide long-term nutrition.

Get clean water

Before you even start thinking about plants, it is essential that you use water filtration and ionization processes so that your water quality is optimized for plant growth. Plants can only absorb as many nutrients from their water and soil as exist in their environment. If your plants don’t have the right pH balance or sufficient amounts of calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, they’re unlikely to be as healthy or grow their best. Conclusion: check your water before you start planting/growing! The BFS network can provide water filtration/ionization options for everyone from the small gardener to the commercial farmer and everyone in between.

Focus on good organic plant food

There are many things that go into a garden; not only seed and planting, but also maintenance. Before you start your garden, you’ll want to have all your supplies together: tools, fertilizers, and other organic products from Backyard Farming Supply. Organic fertilizer products from BFS and the BFS Network will ensure a happy and healthy garden throughout the growing seasons of your garden. Making organic gardening simple and easy is the name of the game!

Less water, but more ???

Often it’s the simple things in gardening that make the biggest difference. Watering frequency, water consistency, and nutrient concentration all play a role in the growth of your plants. Plant roots need oxygen and nutrients to thrive, so when watering your garden you should always keep this in mind. The best way to ensure proper humidity levels is to use irrigation emitters and a good consistent irrigation system. Timing is also an important factor for correct watering – as plants cannot survive without sufficient access to fresh air, soil microbes will not be able to thrive if overwatered!

The best way to describe it is like this; you want to water more frequently with less water each time. You want your soil to have the consistency of a moist brownie. It should be soft, slightly spongy, but airy and light. Too much water and it gets like thick mud, too little water and it gets dry and dusty. You want it “right”, somewhere in the middle.

5 min a day gets the plants moving… YAY!!

A 5 minute routine can make a big difference in the health of your garden. Think about it – if you spend 5 minutes a day in your garden, that’s 25 minutes a week, 150 minutes a month and 2 hours a year. That’s enough time for your plants to thrive on the right food. The first step is to identify what the plants need for their specific growing needs. For example, some plants need lots of water, but others may be more drought tolerant, so choose accordingly. It is important to understand the amount of sun required by different plants which vary with climate and geography, so adjust accordingly by adding shade cloths or stakes where necessary, as well as providing a barrier against cold winds at night by layering plantings with taller plantings below and shorter ones. those above.

If you want to learn more tips and tricks like these, come visit the Backyard Farming Supply family to find out how to grow your own organic food! We can help lower your costs and ensure you have access to the healthiest foods for you and your family. If you’re curious about organic fertilizers and learning what would work best for your garden, check out backyardfarmingsupply.com. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook @backyardfarmingtips for fun facts and helpful tips.

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