ACHD and Garden City Reach Agreement on Salt Shed Location


After all, a long-running dispute over a salt shed in Garden City will not result in a jury trial.

This week, the Ada County Highway District and the City of Garden City reached a compromise on how long the multi-story salt shed would remain on Adams Street, allowing the building, along with new sidewalks and trees along ACHD property. This agreement will end any legal action between the two local governments over the location of the salt shed after approximately two years of dispute and multiple legal actions.

The compromise was ACHD Commission Chair Mary May, ACHD Commission Vice Chair Alexis Pickering, Garden City Mayor John Evans and Garden City City Council Chairman James Page. Garden City hoped to see the salt shed move out of the area, calling it “overwhelming” and inappropriate zoning, while CDHA said the maintenance yard’s central location was critical to the district’s winter operations road.

“This resolution is a victory not only for the two agencies involved, but for all of Ada County,” ACHD Commission Chair Mary May said in a news release. “I appreciate Mayor Evans and his assistance in leading these conversations, ultimately allowing CDHA and Garden City to reach a mutually beneficial agreement for all ratepayers in Ada County.”

Garden City Mayor John Evans was also happy with the compromise.

“I appreciate the efforts of CDHA commissioners and members of our City Council to reach agreement on this matter,” Mayor Evans said in the statement. “While both agencies have our own priorities, we serve all voters in Ada County. Finding a compromise that works for both agencies and ceasing all legal action is best for these voters. »

What is the compromise?

Each side got a bit of what they wanted in the talks.

Last month, the Garden City City Council approved an application to extend the CDHA permit for the salt shed, assuming the highway district worked to meet a series of conditions. This includes adhering to a schedule to move the maintenance facility to its new Apple Street property in Boise and removal of the salt shed in budget years 2026-2027 after construction of the new yard. maintenance. CDHA will also need to obtain an annual floodplain permit for the Garden City Salt Shed while it is located on Adams Street prior to the move.

CDHA will also do its best to install a sidewalk and plant trees along the Adams Street maintenance yard. The Highway District will also be required to remove all fencing from the site once the maintenance yard is moved to Boise.


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