ACNH Design Ideas for the Ugliest Island You Can Create


While cute islands are popular in ACNH, creating an ugly island can be a fun design idea to try out, and it may appeal to old and new players alike.

There are many cute island design ideas for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players, but one possible fun option is to create the ugliest island possible. Making the ugliest island can be an alternative for players who have spent the past two years making their island beautiful. It can also be a good way for players to take the pressure off of making something perfect and give them space to explore their creativity.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been out for two years, and since its release date, there have been many guides and videos on how to make it quaint and most unique animal crossing he is. For example, when cottagecore became popular, many players designed their islands around this style. But after two years, some players with cute islands have started to get bored of the game and find it hard to find the motivation to keep playing.


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Not only can designing an ugly island be fun, but it can also prevent players from getting burned out in the game. This is especially true for new players who find the grinding and monotonous gameplay boring but still want to play. ACNH. Additionally, designing an ugly island can be great for a player wanting to show off their unconventional creativity.

Destroying beaches will make an animal crossing island ugly

Animal Crossing Trash Items

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, beaches are one of the best places for players to show off their creativity. Since most of the island has beach access, players have the ability to create animal crossing beach parties. However, beaches are also the perfect place to show just how ugly an island can get.

One way to make these pristine beaches ugly is to take inspiration from real life. Many beaches in the modern world are unfortunately filled with trash and trash, so do the same with the island of ACNH. Let tires, garbage and rotten turnips litter the beaches. Oil drums are available in the game, so scattering them on the beaches will give off that disgusting vibe. Additionally, researching or creating custom builds of oil spills or toxic sludge will improve an island’s ugliness.

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Players can also use the DIY barbed wire fence to fence off some of the oil or mud spills along the beach. Barbed wire fences are ugly, and using them to prevent access to some of the spills increases the unpleasantness of an island. Make ugly beach drawings in Animal Crossing: New Horizons may seem like it goes against the sense of the game, but as long as players are having fun, it doesn’t matter.

Deforestation in Animal Crossing: New Horizons isn’t cute

At ACNH, trees of several types are available for players to use throughout their island. Fruit trees provide food and are great for an orchard, while palm trees often populate beaches. Hardwoods are the most common and will change during the season, with cedars spawning on the cliffs and changing during the winter season. There are also bamboos that players can use on their island.

As pretty and beneficial as planting trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they can also be removed to show the ugly side of an island. The concept of deforestation stays true to the idea of ​​using real life as inspiration to make an island look ugly. One way is to cut down the trees so that only their stumps remain. Maybe lay iron axes around the stumps to show what happened to them. If a player is creative enough, they can customize simple panels to look like the end of cut logs and place these panels against the cliffs where deforestation has occurred. To add to the terrible deforestation scene on the island, players could add more oil drums and barbed wire fencing around the area.

ACNH’s ugly DIY recipes can dull an island’s look

Animal Crossing: New Horizons penalizes players who time travel with spoiled turnips

While focusing on trash-filled beaches and deforestation are good ways to create an ugly island, players need to focus on other areas as well. Leave trash and rotten animal crossing turning turnips around is a good first step, but there are a few DIY recipes that can help. The first potential DIY item is the iron frame. Since this item looks like construction pieces, a player can leave them lying around their ugly island as if to show evidence of future construction, or perhaps equipment left behind. An additional advantage is that smaller objects can be placed on the top surface of the iron frame.

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Other DIY recipes to help decorate an ugly island are from the Cardboard series. Leaving cardboard boxes littering various areas of the island, especially near the water, feels like abandonment. And since so many bugs in the real world are attracted to cardboard, who knows what may or may not be attracted to cardboard on the island.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers for an ugly island

Animal Crossing's ugliest villagers find their island home together

There is a lot of animal crossing villagers available to recruit on a player’s island. They all have different styles and attitudes, which often helps players decide which villager best matches their island. While every player has their favorite villager, some villagers are so popular that everyone wants them. No matter the type or attitude of the villagers, the villagers are an important part of the game.

When it comes to populating an ugly island, players have two potential options. The first is to invite only the ugliest and most hated villagers. An ugly island is only complete if its population is equally appalling. Most players can agree on animal crossing the villagers are hideous, but some will think otherwise. This means that many ugly islands may have the same ugly villagers, but there will also be variety as not everyone will think Jitters does the trick.

The second option is to do the opposite and invite only the nicest and best-loved villagers to the ugly island. This gives players the chance to indulge in their cruelty and make these popular villagers suffer in such an oppressed place. Again, many ugly islands can have Raymond and Ankha, but some of them can have outliers like Tammy or Monique. And this difference of opinion will make every island ugly Animal Crossing: New Horizons unique.

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