Affordable design choice turned this drab caravan into a boutique retreat

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  • This is what you call a transformation! This once rather dull and dreary caravan is now a vision of color and pattern to inspire anyone considering being bolder with decorating choices in their own small space at home. The amazing static caravan makeover sees a classic beige interior totally transformed with bold paint ideas and bold furniture and accessories.

    The impressive transformation, dubbed ‘Dixie Daydream’, is the work of styling duo The Style Producers, Diana Civil and Cassandra Doyle, who teamed up with Wayfair to overhaul the interior.

    “People often think that small spaces need more streamlined designs and muted colors, but we disagree,” the duo say. “Adding color and pattern to even the smallest of spaces can add personality and character. By using bright colors and punchy patterns, we have created maximum effect in minimum space.’

    Colorful Static Caravan Makeover

    Image credit: Wayfair

    Speaking of the transformation, Wayfair’s Resident Style Advisor, Nadia McCowan Hill, says: “Dixie Daydream turns a traditionally drab caravan design on its head and proves that even the smallest space can be a haven of personal style if you revamp it in a fashionable way. thoughtful”.

    “Even with a maximalist ‘more is more’ scheme, we suggest having a consistent color palette as a starting point,” the stylists say. ‘Then layer a contrasting pattern and texture. We have chosen lilac, pink and mustard as key colors. We complimented them with our navy rug which stands out perfectly. Being confident and generous with color is the secret to success.”

    Transformer pink painted ceiling

    static caravan makeover with pink painted ceiling and mustard yellow corner sofa

    Image credit: Wayfair

    We think you’ll agree that the living space is almost unrecognizable from the drab space it used to be. The project gave the duo the opportunity to get creative and add personality to the new maximalist interior. And they certainly went to town to express themselves.

    “As designers, we’re always excited about new finds and treasures and a bit of tinkering, so what better way to channel our creativity than transforming a static trailer into a boutique stay like no other,” says the design duo. stylists.

    The renovation project included hardware changes, including a copper sink upgrade and a contemporary built-in fireplace, both from Wayfair. With a savvy perspective to improve the move, we believe this project is an inspiration to anyone looking to revamp their own home.

    Of all the DIY decorating ideas, the one that stands out has to be this painted pink ceiling. The shade envelops the whole caravan and shows how you can make an impact in a small space on a budget.

    Kitchen painted pink

    Pink kitchen revamped into a static caravan

    Image credit: Wayfair

    The pair show how painting kitchen cabinets can instantly upgrade a kitchen without replacing units. Brass handles are another cost effective update.

    “As style producers, we usually work to a client specification, which means you’re somewhat limited in your personal expression,” Cassandra and Diana say of the makeover. “To be completely let loose on the furniture and decor we love was a complete delight – who wouldn’t love finding some lovely interior treasures to revamp a caravan?”

    It makes us want to recreate a little Dixie Daydream decor in our own homes. But if you want to enjoy it as a holiday home you can, as the Dixie Daydream static caravan is launching for seaside stays. With nightly rates from £180 per night (low season) to £300 per night (high season). Visit for more information.


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