AGCO, a major agricultural equipment manufacturer, was hit by a ransomware attack


AGCO, a major US supplier of agricultural equipment such as tractors and harvesters, has been hit by a ransomware attack.

The company confirmed the issue today, after French media claimed on Thursday that a hack had attacked numerous AGCO sites in France, including a tractor manufacturing plant.

The company said: “AGCO is still analyzing the nature of the attack, but it is expected that its business operations would be impacted for several days and possibly longer to fully restart all services depending on how quickly the company is capable of repairing its systems.”

Little else is known, such as which strain of ransomware infected the company’s systems or whether AGCO will pay the ransom. At this time, a company spokesperson told us they had nothing to add, but said AGCO plans to provide updates.

The attack risks preventing AGCO from serving its agricultural customers around the world. Last month, the FBI sounded the alarm about how hackers are spreading ransomware to groups of farmers during planting and farming seasons.

the company realized it had come under attack on Thursday morning. The ensuing disruption rendered AGCO servers inaccessible and forced the shutdown of production at affected company sites.

The aim behind the attacks is to pressure farmer groups into paying ransom demands, which can involve paying out hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. But in the worst-case scenario, the disruptions could also affect the food supply chain, the FBI warned. As an example, the agency cited an incident in March involving a ransomware attack that hit a “multi-state grain” processing company that also provides seed and fertilizer services.

In response, the FBI provided a list of tips on how farmer groups can protect themselves against such attacks. They include creating backups, quickly installing the latest software patches, and enabling multi-factor authentication on login systems whenever possible.

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  • AGCO, a major agricultural equipment manufacturer, was hit by a ransomware attack
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