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By Clint Thompson

A new bio-based fertilizer from Anuvia Plant Nutrients offers row-crop farmers a more efficient application of nutrients while nourishing the soil.

Brett Bell with Anuvia speaks during his field day in Chula, Ga. on July 19.

SymTRX™ was the focus of a field day hosted by Anuvia in Chula, Georgia on July 19. Anuvia specialists spoke about its impact on cotton, corn and groundnuts; three high-value crops in the Southeast.

“Because it’s bio-based, it does a few very important things for farmers. It provides more efficient nutrition, so we get higher nutrient efficiency, which translates into a return for the grower,” said Hugh MacGillivray, commercial director of Anuvia Plant Nutrients. “We send it back to the ground in a clean concentrated form. This feeds the soil microbiomes, soil microbes. Our bio-based product not only feeds the plant, but it helps with the soil.

” It’s the future. I think bio-based nutrition is new, it’s new technology, but it’s really important not only to feed the crop, but also to feed that soil system.

More for your money

MacGillivray estimates that cotton growers will see 7 to 10 times the return on investment, while corn growers should see a 3 times greater return on investment.

“Cotton responds well to nitrogen and sulfur and our product contains nitrogen in the best form for the plant. It also provides sulfur in the best form for the plant. They work together,” he added.

Farmers with SymTRX™ technology also lose less nutrition to delivery. Growers will lose 50% less nitrogen to urea and 40% less to ammonium sulfate, MacGillivray estimates. There’s also a lower carbon footprint due to the way it’s made.

“If you compare our product to conventional nutrition, we reduce the carbon footprint by around 25% depending on the crop,” he said. “It’s all about efficiency. It’s about making fertility better than what we’ve been doing. We lose a lot of nutrients to the environment, so how can we best present nutrients to plants? »

Also on display

Anuvia’s core technology has been on the market for approximately five years and used on over 2 million acres.

The field day highlighted SymTRX™ XP. SymTRX™ XP, which includes Novozymes, provides a mechanism that will further increase nutrient efficiency. Anuvia will launch the product this fall.

“We’re going to use advanced microbial technology that will make the phosphate used on the farm more efficient by about 10 units. If a farmer normally puts in 10 units of phosphate, with the SymTRX™ XP you reduce that by around 10 units of phosphate and you get the same or even better result. Our goal is to introduce a series of products that will use these advanced microbes and deliver nutrition to the crop differently than what we currently do with conventional nutrition,” he added.


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