Bayan Botanical Garden – an artificial “tropical forest”

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By Ben Garcia

KUWAIT: The Kuwait Times was once again invited by a group of Kuwaiti photographers led by Muhammad Al-Hudhud to accompany them to visit a greenhouse where the man-made “rainforest” has been placed. Bayan Botanical Garden isn’t exactly a rainforest, but you could be easily forgiven for mistaking it for its wide variety of exotic plants.

Plant sanctuary located inside the Bayan Palace, it is open to the public every Thursday (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and offers a perfect escape from the urban jungle of Kuwait. To enter, you must present your civil identity card and bring a visitor badge, which you must wear when visiting the garden. After crossing the hall you enter a large open space with water facilities and beautiful patches of green grass.

Photos with your phone’s camera are allowed. As soon as you enter the greenhouse, you will immediately feel the refreshing and colorful environment around you. On the left are plants – native to the tropical environment, while to the right of the greenhouse are plants from warmer regions. In the tropical section, various types of tropical plants and flowers are artistically displayed, from palms and bananas to ferns and wild orchids to flowering trees.

The sound of water fountains provides soothing background music. In the aquatic plants section, there are lilies and native plants that need a lot of water to thrive. The entire display can be covered in 30 minutes, but if you’re the type to talk to plants, even four hours won’t be enough for you. The plants are well maintained and the gardeners will be happy to take a picture of you inside the garden.

Officially inaugurated on February 24, 2015, the special botanical greenhouse – with various climatic zones, was inaugurated by HSH the Emir. Various ministers and senior government officials also attended the opening ceremony. The garden is located at Bayan Palace and occupies an area of ​​15,793 m². Almost 3,500 m² of space is devoted to the cultivation of various exotic plants in the greenhouse. Despite the high temperatures, the indoor climate is carefully controlled.


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