Beautiful shrubs to add colorful winter interest to the garden –


Beautiful shrubs to add tons of colorful winter interest to your garden. It happens on this land of ours.

Beautiful manicured lawn in a summer garden with a border of brightly colored flowering shrubs and trees

Winter has its own beauty, especially when you include plants with eye-catching characteristics during the colder months. Try adding these shrubs for exceptional winter interest with their fragrant blooms, bright berries, colorful foliage, and unusual bark.

For example, Winter Berry, with its bright red berries. Or, Firethorn, with its bright orange-red berries. These can be planted as a hedge, against a wall or on a trellis.

Sky Pencil Holly will give your garden some vertical structure. This Japanese holly has a tall, narrow shape that easily fits into small spaces.

The pleasant scent of witch hazel is a pleasant surprise in winter. This deciduous shrub with its delicate, threadlike petals that bloom from late fall to early spring.

The amazing appearance and sweet scent of Winter Daphne can get you out of the winter doldrums. Plant it near a driveway or patio so you can enjoy the pink purple flower buds that open to pale pink or white star shaped flowers.

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Beautiful shrubs to add colorful winter interest to the garden


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