Biden cancels Trump’s design for Air Force One due to cost and delay


WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden’s administration has dropped former President Donald Trump’s red, white and blue design for the new generation of presidential jets after an Air Force review suggested it would would increase costs and delay the delivery of new jets.

Boeing is currently modifying two Boeing 747-800s that will carry the Air Force One designator when the president is on board to replace the existing fleet of two aging Boeing 747-200s. Trump in 2018 ordered that new jumbo jets ditch the iconic blue and white Kennedy-era robin’s egg design for a deeper navy and a streak of dark red.

The Trump paint scheme is not being considered because it could incur additional engineering, time and cost, according to an administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the program.

Politico first reported that the Air Force’s study of the new paint job concluded that the dark shade of Trump Blue proposed for the plane’s belly and engines would have created heating issues for the aircraft. aircraft, requiring costly redesigns and additional delays to the already overdue. program. The current generation of aircraft first carried President George HW Bush.

When in office, Trump kept a mockup of the new presidential plane in the new color scheme on a coffee table in the Oval Office.

“Baby blue just doesn’t suit us,” he told Fox News in 2019 after earlier unveiling sketches of his ideal redesign for the airplane exterior.

Trump’s design used the colors of the American flag. The top half of the plane would be white, while dark blue would cover the bottom half, including the belly. A bold red stripe ran from the cockpit to the tail across the midsection — nearly identical to the color scheme of Trump’s personal plane, except the white and blue were reversed.

The administration has not officially unveiled a new design for the replacement plane, which is currently at a Boeing factory in San Antonio undergoing extensive modifications to prepare them to carry the president. They currently sport a simple white and blue paint job with US Air Force markings as work progresses.

Officially known as the VC-25B, the new aircraft is expected to replace older VC-25A planes in 2026, years behind schedule.


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