BiOWiSH Technologies and SABIC Agri-Nutrients Form Collaboration on Bio-Enhanced Mineral Fertilizers


BiOWiSH Technologies, Inc. and SABIC Agri-Nutrients Company (SABIC AN) announced the successful completion of a year-long technical evaluation of SABIC’s urea-applied BiOWiSH Crop Liquid technology in nine countries on five continents and nine different crop types.

BiOWiSH Crop Liquid is a blend of proprietary microbial cultures that can be coated onto dry fertilizer or mixed with liquid fertilizers to create an enhanced efficiency fertilizer specifically designed to maximize yield potential and improve soil productivity.

Featuring the company’s exclusive HoloGene 3 technology, BiOWiSH Crop Liquid creates a powerful partnership between the plant and the BiOWiSH microorganisms. The new alliance has a combined genetic profile (the hologenome) that enhances native microbial activity in the soil, promotes soil quality and supports the plant’s natural ability to resist environmental stress. This optimizes crop yield potential by increasing nutrient availability and improving soil productivity and plant vigor.

This unique mode of action, combined with the product’s unparalleled shelf life, has been proven to deliver desired results consistently across a wide range of operating conditions, climates and environments, all at a low cost for farmers.

“We are delighted to confirm that SABIC AN’s bio-enhanced urea powered by BiOWiSH has achieved excellent results in the field,” said Munif Al-Munif, General Manager of Agri-Nutrient Technology at SABIC AN.

“Our uniform, high crush strength urea combined with the superior technology of BiOWiSH Crop Liquid provides extended stability and consistent performance at a price per acre that farmers can afford. In an industry facing high regulatory pressures and global food demand, we are excited to offer a sustainable product that safely increases agricultural production and generates higher profits for growers,” he added. .

Market launch of SABIC AN Enhanced Urea will initially be achieved through SABIC AN partners in select target countries, while teams will work together to expand into other regions of the world. The launch follows extensive and successful testing of the product in several international markets, including the United States.

Bio-enhanced urea, powered by BiOWiSH, will be available at the same price as standard urea through Archer-Daniels-Midland Company (ADM) and American Plant Food (APF) for a limited time in select regions. Customers can contact their ADM or APF representative for details.

Additionally, SABIC AN and BiOWiSH have built a joint development platform designed to advance additional customizations on a line of SABIC AN’s high-yield fertilizers. This partnership is the basis for future products and other agronomic innovations.

“We appreciate the close collaboration with the SABIC AN team,” said BiOWiSH CEO Ian Edwards. “It is very exciting that a market-leading fertilizer company like SABIC AN recognizes the importance of organic products and devotes such attention and energy to providing bio-enhanced mineral fertilizers to customers around the world. entire. Together, we will work towards our common goal of developing agricultural solutions that help farmers maximize productivity and increase income – while improving environmental outcomes.

SABIC AN Bio-Enhanced Urea will be available to farmers in other locations in the future, allowing growers to experience the benefits of fertilizer powered by BiOWiSH.



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