Bridgeport replaces sewer equipment to prevent odors on I-79


BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) – Construction will soon take place on the Bridgeport Sewer Treatment Facility.

Traffic isn’t the worst thing that stinks on this stretch of I-79.

If you’ve hiked exits 121 and 119, you may have smelled something not so pleasant.

But city officials say big changes are coming to the nearby sewer treatment plant to help.

Utilities Superintendent Jared Cummons says they’ve been dealing with complaints for years.

“Our current facility is 100% exposed,” Cummons said. “It’s a never-ending complaint, but you know we’ve done our best so far with what we have and are now looking at the next step to resolve this issue.”

Most of the facility is visible from the highway, but now a key piece of machinery that handles raw sewage will be moved a hundred yards from the highway.

The top of this machine, called the “headwork”, will now be embedded in the brick.

Cummons says from there they will filter the air.

“It will actively filter the air in the building and clean it before it is exhausted, so it prevents the smell because everything is inside, so the air that is pumped out of the building will have already been filtered,” Cummons said.

Cummons says the facility is also moving its lift station further down Lodgeville Road.

He says these two machines are the worst offenders.

“You look at the two points closest to the main roads, my lift station and my main works which only have raw sewers… So by upgrading them and moving them further away, we’re trying to do two things with one stone. blows…Benefit from our process, but also control odor for residents,” Cummons said.

Cummons says the project will kick off this fall with construction expected to begin in early spring.

He estimates the project will take 6-9 months and will not disrupt sewer operations for customers.

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