Commission considers new amenities at joint leisure park and bond issue for hospital


MARYSVILLE – At the regular meeting of the Union County Board of Commissioners this morning, members learned that there had been a number of complaints about playground equipment at the County Recreation District’s park of union. As the playgrounds at 16000 County Home Road have been shared by the county and Marysville for many years, the two entities received a proposal to remove the old playground equipment and replace it as soon as possible.

In complaints, the playground equipment, which was installed in the 1990s, was described as unsafe, with a number of rusty parts and sharp objects noted throughout, which could eventually become a liability for the count. The estimated cost of replacing playground equipment is just over $111,000, with Marysville agreeing to remove old equipment at a cost of approximately $8,000. As the city has already been responsible for installing a new concession stand, updating restrooms and adding sod to three of the softball/baseball fields, the county will be asked for the 111,000 $, less the $8,000 the city will spend. to remove old equipment, for upgrading.

The dramatic increase in use of the common leisure park at the northeast end of town has no doubt exacerbated the problem, the council said, as 700 people, young people and adults, are expected to use the park this summer in various teams. and teams, with that number expected to rise to 900 athletes of all ages in the fall, including those who use both the rugby and cricket grounds within the park. We know that more than a thousand visitors, once again of all ages, visit the park on a spring, summer or fall weekend.

New playground equipment on offer will have “baskets” instead of swings to limit use to toddlers, as well as the addition of new slides, monkey bars, catwalks and more. The Joint Rec District hopes to begin installing the new playground equipment this fall or early next spring, if and when the Commission should approve the expenditures.

The Commission also learned this morning that the Village of Plain City will hold a public hearing on July 11 at the request of the Environmental Protection Agency. The public hearing will allow the public and the Commission to offer their views on the proposed expansion of the Plain City water treatment plant from 750,000 gallons to 1.5 million gallons, doubling its capacity. Jerome Village has also informed the Commission that it is seeking – with the permission of the county – to add properties within its boundaries and will also hold a public hearing on August 10 at 10:30 a.m. in Commission chambers for this purpose. Here, the public – and the commissioners – will be encouraged to voice their opinions on the expansion of Jerome Village.

The Commission also heard from Memorial Health, which intends to issue bonds to raise capital. As the county is the nominal owner of Memorial Health Hospital, the hospital needs permission from the Union County Board of Commissioners to proceed with the bond issue.

It was made clear at this morning’s meeting that the county is only acting as a ‘conduit’ for the issuance of these bonds as it is the owner of the property, but the county will not be responsible for any payments – on time, by default or otherwise – to obligations. Any debt incurred will be the sole responsibility of the hospital and will not be reflected in the county budget. As explained, obtaining County approval could be described as a formality as it is the owner, but Union County will not act as a co-signer or bondholder in the transaction and will not will have no financial interest in the matter, not forming part of the final contract. Any shortfall must be borne by the hospital. Conversely, the hospital will make direct payments to bondholders without county involvement. As indicated, the Commission will no longer have any monetary or contractual interest in the matter.

Council seemed generally ok to act as ‘conduit’ as described after it was made clear that Union County would not be part of the final deal, but no action was taken by the Council today as it awaits the final figures. and the wording of the contract to cross his office, no resolution to be presented to the Commission before sometime in September.

The Union County Board of Commissioners will meet again during the regular season on Wednesday, July 13 at 8:30 a.m.


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