Farming Simulator 22: Best Starting Gear


Farming Simulator 22 is quite a complicated game to play as a beginner. It has some great tutorials, but many players will find themselves thrown into an empty farm with few ideas of what to do next.

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Luckily, there are a few items and gear that players will always need to get their hands on – it’s just a matter of finding the best one for a newbie’s farm. After all, nothing is worse than wasting all the starting money on an expensive tractor when there were already good ones for half the price. When it comes to buying starting gear, some items are undeniably the best.


Medium Tractor: John Deere 7810

Have a variety of tractors in Farming Simulator 22 it’s essential. It provides the player with the right tools and will generally allow them to complete the smaller, more useful tasks that are asked of them at the start of the game. When looking for a medium tractor to help pull trailers and haul recent crops, the player should look for something like the John Deere 7810.

This cheap and powerful medium tractor is ideal for any beginner looking to up their farming game and is something they should get as soon as they have the money to do so. They will find themselves using this vehicle countless times and it will undeniably bring them money and more.

Small tractor: Linder Lintrac 130

The Linder Lintrac 130 is a relatively inexpensive small tractor that should be one of the first vehicles players get on startup Farming Simulator 22. This is mainly because it has great power and will serve the player well whenever they want to move around the map quickly and efficiently.

Small tractors are great for speed and exploration and make a lot of sense when players are trying to get through the rather tight places on their farm. It’s up to them to decide if the Linder Lintrac 130 is the right tractor for the player. Just be sure to get one of this style as soon as possible.

Trailer: CLAAS

There are tons of fantastic trailers in Farming Simulator 22 choosing just one is therefore a real challenge. Fortunately, the choice does not matter too much, but rather the price and the amount it contains.

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At the start of the game, it’s worth looking at some of the cheaper options which, while perhaps relatively small in capacity, will hold up for some of the early harvests. Use the trailer on the back of the tractor to haul heavy loads, harvested crops, plants, and really anything the player will need to transport their growing farm.

Weed Sprayer: Hardi Mega 1200L

For any farmer in almost any farming game, the main villain seems to be the weeds. They get in the way, they destroy players’ crops, and seem like a horrible pain if the player doesn’t have the resources to keep them under control.

That’s why a fantastic starter spray for Farming Simulator 22 is the Hardi Mega 1200L. It has good speed and can hold a considerable amount of Herbicide, allowing the player to reclaim their farm. It is also light enough that most tractors available can pull it.

Seeder: AMAZONE KG 3001 + Centaya 3000

While it might not be the cheapest choice in the game, players will need a cultivator and a seeder to make it worth investing in these two tools in the long run. Together, the player will be able to both plant the seeds on their fields and cultivate them without needing to buy too many vehicles or use too many elements.

It is extremely beginner friendly and will allow the player to farm like a pro for most of the game. The only downside is the fact that they will need a more powerful tractor to pull a machine like this.

Plow: Pottinger Servo 25

With one of the main requirements for using the plow being an 85+ horsepower tractor, this plow is incredibly beginner friendly and is a machine that every player will need to grab at some point if they want to create fields or simply plow the floor when required.

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Although the Pottinger Servo 25 may not be the most efficient plow Farming Simulator 22, it’s a cheap introduction and eventually every gamer will need it. As the game develops, there is always the possibility of upgrading.

Spreader: Bredal K105

Nothing is worse than completing an entire harvest only to find that the profit that could have been made has not been realized, or the crops die before they grow. This is why having a spreader is so vital for beginners. Crop health and growth is one of the main ways to earn money and is a great sign of success in Farming Simulator 22.

There are a variety of inexpensive spreaders out there, but the Bredal K105 is a fantastic selection if players don’t already have one in mind. This is one of the cheapest spreaders to get that can still spread fertilizer and lime making it a longer lasting machine and a great investment.

Harvester: ideal for the farm

When it comes to finding a good harvester, it really all depends on the type of crops the player chooses to put on their farm. It is worth considering the specific crop choice and which harvester works best for it. Alternatively, the player can find the cheapest harvester and build the crops around it, but this will be limited after harvesting begins.

Although there is no specific choice players will need to get a harvester if they want to start earning money, so it is one of the first and most important pieces of equipment. starting in Farming Simulator 22.

farming simulator is currently available on PC, macOS, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Stadia.

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