Finalization of the design of a semi-submersible floating wind turbine with two blades


Seawind’s design uses semi-submersible foundations and a two-bladed rotor (Sewind Ocean Technology)

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Efforts to develop the next generations of offshore wind turbines continue. In the latest development, Singapore-based ship design and engineering company SeaTech Solutions will collaborate with Dutch company Seawind Ocean Technology which is developing an innovative design for floating wind turbines. Using technology partly taken from the work of NASA, Seawind is promoting its semi-submersible platform concept as a cheaper, more robust and more powerful solution for developing offshore wind power generation.

The companies have agreed to collaborate to develop semi-submersible floating platforms. Semi-submersible floating platforms are a key part of Seawind’s integrated approach to constructing the floating concrete foundations, then lifting and assembling the tower, nacelle and blades of its floating offshore wind turbines.

Seawind’s design is that of a single two-bladed rotor with an oscillating hinge and yaw control inspired by helicopter technology. Yaw would allow the wind turbine to manage wind direction and speed without requiring blade pitch. They report that the design results in lower torque and a lighter transmission for higher rotational speeds, resulting in low fatigue and longer life. The design is simpler to build and cheaper while producing higher power output, which Seawind promotes as giving it the ability to outperform all existing three-blade wind turbine designs.

The semi-submersible foundation they are also promoting as the key to opening up wider areas offshore to accommodate wind turbines. The company says it can be deployed in deep (about 200 feet) and ultra-deep (up to nearly 10,000 feet) water and cyclonic areas. DNC reviewed and qualified the technologies in two of the company’s designs.

“We are very pleased to partner with Seawind on this unique bespoke solution for its production and assembly of floating wind turbines,” said Govinder Singh Chopra, Director of SeaTech. “The semi-submersible rig is a floating workshop and transporter combined into one to improve productivity and increase efficiency.”

SeaTech will provide expertise in the development of more than 640 vessels to help customize designs to meet Seawind’s construction and assembly requirements for its integrated floating offshore wind turbines. Once the design is finalized, SeaTech will then provide a complete design package of the semi-submersible floating platforms, which will include detailed design, 3D modeling and the full set of construction drawings.

Seawind has commenced licensing procedures for a new turbine production and assembly facility in a port area in Italy, where the first newly designed semi-submersible floating platform will be deployed and commissioned from Q4 2024 This facility will also include a cement plant and concrete plant, as well as a blade manufacturing workshop.

The company said its smaller 6.4 MW design will be available on the market as early as next year. They predicted that the 12.2 MW design would be available to the market in 2024.


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