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There is a company that is establishing itself as a leading company in shipbuilding and offshore factories via ship design.

Jun Engineering Co., Ltd, located in Ulsan and Jinju, provides the service of shipbuilding/offshore facility design, ship modeling via 3D printer, and development and sales of the first cable measurement system that can be locked with 2D CAD for medium and small shipyards.

Although it has little history as it was founded in 2017, it has steadily expanded its reach, contributing to local job creation. As a result, despite being an early stage company with less than three years of startup, Jun Engineering won the Minister of SMEs and Startups Award.

Jeon hyeoung-jin, CEO of Jun Engineering, started ship design at Samsung heavy industriess Co., Ltd, and worked in SPP shipyard as a leader of electronic design for about 15 years.

However, he had considered changing jobs due to the severe recession in the shipbuilding industry and the crisis of Lehman Brothers, but he founded a new company with hope and confidence in the national shipbuilding industry. shipbuilding.

Jun Engineering mainly provides design drawings to medium and small-sized shipyards, and the shipyard manufactures a ship through processing, assembly, erection and installation of fittings at the production site after receiving the drawing.

In addition to ship design, Jun Engineering is attracting attention as it also manufactures 3D printing ship models and prototypes.

CEO Jeon said, “Before actual shipbuilding, use a ship model to test a new ship shape. in particular, the government ship has a condition that the ship model must be provided when delivering the ship in the data sheet, so the ship model must be made.

Jun Engineering said that it is currently operating its mall and preparing to enter the market of 3D printing models for ordinary people such as general merchant ship models and plastic model enthusiasts using simple designs. and cheap in the future.

CEO Jeon said, “Because face-to-face meeting is unavailable due to bad national economy, in some cases process disruptions may occur due to delayed meetings.” and “Currently, we are constantly establishing and responding to various non-face-to-face situations.”

In fact, Jun engineering participates in overseas conferences on the web and constantly holds consultation with companies in the Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, CEO Jeon said, “I want to make this company a company that employees want to work for, a company that wants to work for a long time, and a company that can grow sustainably.” and “In addition to realizing social value, we will discover and develop various business areas to enhance the competitiveness of this enterprise.”

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