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Experts from Scotts & Miracle-Gro discuss their tips for maintaining your lawn and garden in spring and summer

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Lawn and garden season has arrived, and despite the late start to spring, now is the perfect time to plant and sow for the months ahead. Recently, Scotts Turf Specialist Phil Dwyer and Miracle-Gro Horticulturist Amy Enfield took part in a nationwide satellite media tour to discuss their top tips for getting your lawn and garden ready this spring.

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Experts from Scotts & Miracle-Gro discuss their tips for maintaining your lawn and garden in spring and summer

When it comes to lawn care, the main thing is not to wait too long. In most parts of the country, spring got off to a cold start, but it’s important not to waste those weeks of preparation. The first thing to do is ask yourself if you want to grow new grass – whether it’s a large area or just to cover a few bare spots in your lawn – or if you’re just looking to prevent weeds and have a thicker and healthier lawn overall. This question will help you narrow down which products you should be looking at. There are also several combination products like Scotts Triple Action and Scotts Rapid Grass that can meet multiple lawn care needs in one bag. Always remember that lawns love nutrition and need nourishment.

Another tip is for people to know the type of grass they have in their garden and a general idea of ​​the condition of the soil. Many products are unique to specific types of grass, and you can benefit from a product that improves the condition of your soil. Finally, if you are planting new grass seed, remember to water daily – this is the number one mistake homeowners make when growing new grass.

As for gardening, it can seem daunting at first, but with the right products and a little planning, getting great results in your garden really is quite simple. In the spring, the first thing to do is to go through your garden and flower beds to plant new plants and flowers that you would like to add. Take note of how much sunlight hits the different areas you want to plant, as sun exposure will really help you narrow down your plant selection.

Before planting, make sure the quality of the soil is good – whether in a buried bed, container or raised bed. Miracle-Gro offers a range of different soils specifically designed for each of these growing environments. And once you’ve planted your garden, don’t forget to feed your plants. As plants grow, they deplete nutrients from the soil, but Miracle-Gro’s extensive line of plant food will help replenish those nutrients and keep your plants healthy all summer long. . You can find more information at and Right now, there’s also a limited-time promotion running on both websites for 30% off orders over $50, so be sure to check it out.

About Phil Dwyer:

PhD Scotts R&D Lawns Research Principal works to develop new products and ways to help educate homeowners on how to successfully care for their lawns. Scotts primarily focuses on lawn nutrition, disease management, establishing new lawns, water conservation and environmental research. Graduated from MSU in Turf Management with an MS and PhD in Turf Pathology.

About Amy Enfield:

PhD Amy has over 25 years of experience in the lawn and garden industry. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in horticulture from Michigan State University and a doctorate in plant and environmental sciences from Clemson University. She is responsible for live product research for direct-to-consumer companies and specializes in houseplants and succulents.

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