Haulotte launches new used equipment programs


Haulotte has launched a new used equipment initiative – “Restart by Haulotte” which encompasses everything from used machine warranties to rebuilding and refurbishing Haulotte aerial platforms. .

To achieve this, the company transformed its factory in L’Horme (France) into a 3,000 square meter “reconditioning centre” for used aerial platforms.
Three levels of reconditioning
The Restart program will offer three levels of reconditioning packages to suit different requirements and budgets, with each machine accompanied by an official certificate guaranteeing the work and that it meets or exceeds the regulations in force at the time of its manufacture.

The Checked program

For platforms 15 years old or younger. As part of this basic program, the platforms are carefully inspected, all mandatory recall campaigns are carried out and all machine functions, including those related to safety, are checked and brought into compliance. If the machines are painted and decaled in the previous owners’ corporate livery, they are “depersonalized”.

The Accredited program

This is for rigs up to 10 years old and includes everything in the Verified program, plus any safety-related parts or components are replaced with new genuine Haulotte parts, while components that appear close to the failure are repaired or replaced. Partial cosmetic modifications are carried out in order to give a facelift to the machine. Certified units come with a three month warranty.

Certified +

Rigs up to six years old have the most intensive program, which includes all the features of the verified and certified programs, but the units are also equipped with an all new set of batteries as well as professional respray in the paint booth and carry a six month warranty.
Ludovic Jankov, second-hand manager at Haulotte, says: “Our offer is positioned between the traditional second-hand market, where aerial platforms are sold as is without warranty, and the new market. This new model allows us to offer quality refurbished equipment, available immediately at a reasonable price. At the same time, it helps us reduce our environmental impact.


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