Heather Rae Young has THESE design ideas for her unborn son’s nursery


Heather Rae Young likes to plan ahead and she wants her fans to help her!

The reality TV star is getting ready to welcome her son into the world as she recently came up with some amazing creative ideas for the nursery.

She couldn’t help but share the beautiful designs with her tons of fans on Instagram who showed off detailed pictures. while asking them for suggestions on the right choice for her unborn baby.

Heather Rae Young shares adorable nursery ideas with fans for recommendations


The mother-to-be, who misses her beloved husband Tarek El Moussa and her children as they are currently in Cabo, used this time to “do a bit of nesting and planning”.

Speaking of planning, she shared five photos of nursery plans, the first showing a black and white room that had similarly colored decor, including throw pillows, several teddy bears and wall pictures.

The next shot was of a neutral-hued nursery featuring a cream wooden bed with cream walls and a hanging wall frame by the crib.

There was also a cream shawl on the bed with the same color sofa placed nearby while artificial tree branches hung over the crib.

A stylish monochrome nursery was shown in the next slide, and it was filled with black and white decor and nude colors.

The space had two wall art, a mini table and chair, and a gray patterned floor rug placed behind the chair to cover similarly colored floors.

Young’s next nursery design was a vegetation-inspired room decorated with plant-patterned wallpaper, a matching chair, and a brown bassinet filled with cushions.

Meanwhile, her final design was a similar capture to the second nursery she shared earlier, showing a neutral bed with a matching shawl hanging from it while a wall frame was placed above it.

The walls appeared to be light in color, complementing the decor of the bed and the bedroom, and a woven basket was also placed by the bed.

Now that the 34-year-old star knew she was having a boy, she thought the designs would work just fine, but she didn’t have a specific favorite yet.

She wanted to hear fan opinions on the “baby room designs and details” as she went back and forth wanting a completely neutral look or “having little touches of design and color”.

Young then asked his followers, “What do you guys think? Which is your favorite: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5? And as expected, followers flooded the comments with suggestions while raving on the pretty designs.

One of the commentators was Brittny Button, designer and co-founder of interior design studio Stone & Button Design. She recommended her brand to the real estate agent if she needed help with the design.

On the other hand, the majority of other fans picked the fourth nursery design as their favorite, while a few were taken with the other decor.

A fan also suggested that babies need a colorful bedroom, not a “beige paradise”, as their eyes need to develop and learn colors.

Shortly before Young shared the nursery ideas, The Blast reported her husband’s reaction to learning that his wife was pregnant, which she recounted for future reference.

The 40-year-old estate agent was no doubt shocked when he saw the pregnancy test kit come back positive, and he turned to his wife for the confirmation he got.

This made him exclaim, “Holy shit!” and kissing his beautiful wife in an intimate embrace that was certainly warranted as they had “gone so hard for a baby.”

Young also detailed her reaction to finding out she was pregnant, revealing that she was freaked out at first and then really excited to share the news with her husband.

‘Flipping El Moussas’ Star Gets Candid About Pregnant Body Change

the explosion previously shared that Young opened up about her changing pregnant body, revealing that she’s not used to certain transformations.

In his words, “My body is changing, and I’m obviously not used to certain changes. I see myself naked now, and I see my belly growing and other parts of my body.

The estate agent admitted that she couldn’t fit into her bras or button her jeans because most of her clothes were smaller than her waist.

She continued: “I went from being very skinny to seeing my body change and getting used to those changes. And [Tarek’s] so positive every day, telling me how beautiful my body is.

Although the changes were difficult, she had her supportive partner who made her feel “so beautiful and special” and was “so positive”, encouraging her to savor this time in her life.


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