Here’s What You Should Do To Protect Your Garden From The Michigan Cold


LANSING, Mich. (WILX) — Clearly Mother Nature hasn’t gotten the memo that it’s several weeks into spring! And because of that, people who have planted their gardens before can start from scratch.

Now Desk Mid-Day Brief: It’s snowing. Seriously.

Now is a great time to prep your soil and clean up your area, but if you’ve taken the plunge and already started planting in your garden, you should probably cover your plants. Former Hyacinth House Lansing owner Jim Schmidt says you can’t throw anything on your garden and warns people to be careful of the weight the item you use adds to the plants.

“I would still consider covering them with plastic,” Schmidt said. “Some people like to use sheets or blankets.”

Rhea Van Atta has been a gardener for as long as she can remember. She said cold soil is not good for planting and agrees with Schmidt – cover whatever you have already planted. But Rhea said the plastic could potentially allow cold air to penetrate and damage any leaf it comes in contact with – she thinks you should use straw, leaves or a cloth.

Not all plants are doomed during frost — Schmidt said there are a few plants that can survive lousy weather.

“The pansies will hold up well, the primrose will hold up,” Schmidt said. “Some of your Beirut perennials are okay.”

Additionally, experts said carrots, corn, spinach and other vegetables can be planted as soon as the ground has thawed enough to be harvestable.


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