Hertfordshire: 7 great garden centers to visit


4:42 PM 4 June 2022

Garden centers not only offer a great way to buy flowers, plants and the gardening equipment that we need, but they also offer a pleasant day.

Many centers include cafes, home sections, toy stores and even clothing stores within their premises.

The meaning of ‘garden centre’ has been broadened to include a range of facets, all contributing to a pleasant shopping experience.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best garden centers in Hertfordshire!

1. Stevenage Garden Centre, Stevenage

Stevenage Garden Center has a 4.2 star rating on Google Reviews.
– Credit: Google Maps

Stevenage Garden Center is located on North Road off Graveley Road.

The location has a 4.2 star rating on Google Reviews.

The site sells plants, gardening supplies, gifts, housewares, sheds, barbecues, outdoor furniture, landscaping products and clothing.

Stevenage Garden Center also has a Coffee Haven restaurant within its walls.

2. Aylett Nurseries, St Albans

Aylett Nurseries, with brick walls and yellow flower symbols.

Roger Aylett started the business when he was just 21 years old.
– Credit: Google – By owner

Aylett Nurseries is proudly “one of the leading garden centers in the South East of England!”.

A wide range of products are available in the store, including ornaments, barbecues, plants and tools.

Roger Aylett started the business at the same location when he was just 21 years old.

The Garden Center remains “in safe family hands”.

3. The Dutch Market, near Hatfield

A row of plants and pots in front of gray sheds.

The Dutch Marketplace is an independent family business established in 1957.
– Credit: Google – By owner

An independent family business established in 1957, Dutch Marketplace is run by the Henn family and staff.

The venue’s website boasts “On one site, you’ll find everything you need to create your ideal garden and home.”

A large food hall is located on the site, as well as garden and living areas.

The “Dutch Cafe” is also present, which serves a large selection of food for lunch and breakfast.

4. Van Hage, Greater Amwell

A wooden flowerpot with a tree in it, surrounded by a tall glass building.

Van Hage’s Great Amwell branch is the “flagship” of the company.
– Credit: Google – By owner

Van Hage in Great Amwell offers a ‘treasurehouse of exciting and practical ideas for gardeners and home lovers’.

The Great Amwell branch of the garden center brand is described as the ‘flagship’ of the business.

A food hall, cafes, barbecues and living spaces are present on the site.

Garden furniture and outdoor heating products are also available.

5. Notcutts, St Albans

Notcutts, with a metal sign, brick walls and a glass greenhouse roof.

The Notcutts in St Albans is one of 18 in the garden center chain.
– Credit: Google Maps

Notcutts in St Albans sell a wide range of products for plants, garden furniture, gardening, pets and wildlife.

A large number of home and gift products are also available for purchase in the store.

St Albans’ Notcutts is located on Hatfield Road, between Smallford and Hatfield.

The St Albans branch is one of 18 in the garden center chain.

6. Riverside Garden Centre, Hertford

A range of barbecues at the garden centre.

Riverside Garden Center organizes a number of barbecue “masterclasses”.
– Credit: Google – By owner

Riverside Garden Center in Hertford focuses on outdoor furniture and barbecues.

A number of barbecue “masterclasses” are also available on site.

Four-hour and 7-hour classes are held at Riverside, the latter being a “Barbecue Smoking Class”.

Riverside Garden Center is located on Lower Hatfield Road, between Bayfordbury Park Farm and Bayford Brook.

7. Vanstone Park, Codicote

Bird's eye view of Vanstone Park with a tall building, gardens and parking lot.

Vanstone Park is an independent family business, present since 1976.
– Credit: Google – By owner

Vanstone Park is a garden center in Codicote, near Knebworth.

The establishment is an independent family business, present since 1976.

The garden center has a “train of the woods”, a playground for children and a bouncy castle for the youngest.

A wildlife lake is also present, with a collection of housed animals, visitors and permanent residents.


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