Industrial equipment shipped to Malaysia


VIETNAM, April 16 –

A cargo ship leaves the port of Dung Quất in Quảng Ngãi province for Malaysia. The shipment of industrial equipment will be used to install an oil and gas pipeline system at the Sarawak Petrochemical Refinery Methanol Plant. — Photo courtesy of Doosan Vina

QUẢNG NGÃI — Shipment of nine modules for oil and gas pipeline system at Sarawak Petrochemical Refinery Methanol Plant left Doosan Việt Nam (Doosan Vina) Korean Heavy Industries Port for installation at the Sarawak refinery located on the coast of Bintulu Ville, Malaysia.

Doosan Vina said it was the first shipment from Project Sarawak under the contract signed with Samsung Engineering Company last June for the manufacture and supply of nearly 10,000 tonnes of equipment, including structures steel, pipes and electrical system racks which are formed into 34 modules. for the methanol plant at the Sarawak Petrochemical Refinery complex.

The Quảng Ngãi-based heavy industries producer said the Sarawak methanol project was the third order from the company Samsung Engineering since the two sides signed a cooperation agreement in 2018.

Kim Soon Tae, Doosan Vina Project Management Team Leader, said, “Due to their enormous size and weight, mounting and aligning the modules caused us many difficulties when we had to ensure that the size and operating conditions were the same. like the reality on the construction site.

“The assembly process took place under the close supervision of experts. Currently, we are focused on erecting nine modules for the second shipment, which is expected to be completed in late April 2022.”

Doosan Vina said five more equipment deliveries are planned to complete the project by November 2022.

In 2020, Doosan Vina also supplied mega industrial equipment for the Ruwais refinery in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. —VNS


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