Innovative Design-Build R&D Leader GloGreen Global LLC Signs $30 Million Commitment to Fund TPT Global Tech’s Smart City Concrete Technology Manufacturing Plant in Tuskegee, Alabama


GloGreen Global’s disruptive technologies and sustainability solutions will be central to TPT’s development leadership role for residential, commercial and manufacturing plants creating jobs and boosting the regional economy for years to come.

LOS ANGELES, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/May 10, 2022/ GloGreen Global, LLC, an R&D company specializing in the development of disruptive and sustainable technologies that create unique systems for building residential, commercial and industrial structures, will partner with lead developer TPT Global Tech, Inc. (“TPT”) or the “Company”) (OTCQB: TPTW) for the construction of a “Smart City” mixed-use business park in Tuskegee, Alabama. GloGreen will work with TPT to have the first factory funded by the company’s ICO (Initial Coin Offering) launch this fall. GloGreen and TPT are in negotiations with the Tuskegee City Council for the initial 15-acre parcel that will be included in the TPT Global Tech Smart City Master Plan. The high-performance, high-tech “Robotic Manufacturing” facility is set to open in mid-2023 and will create more than 500 well-paying jobs for the city.

The proposed parcel is adjacent to transportation hubs including the airport, rail system and the I-85 corridor for easy supply chain management. In addition to bringing innovative technology and construction expertise to the project, GloGreen will work with TPT on various aspects of Tuskegee’s commercial and residential real estate development. Together, the two are also expected to collaborate on “Smart City” infrastructure consisting of new transport capacity, renewable energy and waste management technologies, telecommunications services.

“Since its inception, GloGreen Global has been focused on redefining real estate development and its technology capabilities,” said Angelo Farruggia, Founder of GloGreen Global Strategy. “With TPT, we will showcase our ability to build state-of-the-art facilities that aim to reinvent the world of construction and real estate while helping to create jobs and a better economic future in Tuskegee.”

About GloGreen Global, LLC

Our company began as an innovative R&D design-build company in California, with disruptive technologies in the building construction world. We have worked for 16 years to maximize sustainability and optimize efficiency at every stage of the construction process, from schematic design through engineering and construction.

We have created a unique new system for building residential, commercial and industrial structures, all of which are LEED Platinum certified (international green certification). Implementing our own sustainable solutions, from conceptual planning to construction, at every stage of development. We bring the best knowledge and technologies to enable developers to build contemporary innovative structures solving real estate problems.

Glogreeen operates under a “franchise-based” business model, offering licenses to developers around the world.

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