Inside Gray Puksand’s Thoughtful Selection Center Design


The new Spectra Screening Center at Carlisle Homes, designed by Gray Puksand, offers future homeowners a place to fully immerse themselves in the design process.

The atypical qualities of a showroom have been canceled in favor of a gallery-like space. Covering an area of ​​2,500 m², the Center includes more than 3,500 materials, fixtures, fittings and devices, and are presented in such a way that it is easy to understand how each element can work with the others.

“The goal was to create a space where homeowners could imagine their dream home,” says Debra Longin, lead designer and partner at Gray Puksand.

“Carlisle Homes wanted to elevate the showroom to be a place of curiosity and wonder, with an array of choices.”

The entrance channels the character of feel-good design, with gently curving biophilic forms and a rich palette of luxurious, natural materials complemented by verdant plants. Chat rooms give clients the ability to connect with design consultants, with areas that can also be used for presentations.

Gray Puksand has created nine specific areas that progress through appliances, interior selections, bathrooms, flooring, lighting and electrical, exterior selections, windows and doors and green living . Each has been carefully crafted and displays a suite of materials. The space also includes four full-size kitchens and 11 bathroom thumbnails.

The firm’s thoughtful approach ensures that all spaces have been designed with a holistic mindset. Guests are led through the space via a number of built-up areas which are connected by a path. The information provided by a number of suppliers in one space is represented to the desired capacity and easily understood. Wooden joinery, natural stone floors and polished concrete set a neutral base in the space to inspire the creativity of the house.

“This project was an opportunity to create a physical embodiment of what the design process is,” says Longin.

“It has places to play, places to make decisions, and the floor plan is informed by the series of steps a designer takes to build an idea.”

Plenty of storage space and mobile workstations create a comfortable workplace for employees. The center of space

At the center of the space are fully furnished private rooms for finalizing specifications and contracts. This central design center is connected to the first floor workplace by a staircase to ensure design staff do not feel disconnected from the rest of the Carlisle Homes team.

“The Spectra Breeding Center is much more than a typical showroom,” says Heidi Smith, partner at Gray Puksand.

“This is a gallery that demonstrates the respect and support Carlisle Homes has for its customers and staff. Gray Puksand was challenged to bring a clear vision of customer experience to life, and together we have achieved something magnificent.


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