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We will provide continuous gardening days with opportunities to weed, water, mulch, plant and beautify the grounds while teaching our veterans valuable skills related to food production and preparation.


The WLA VA Therapeutic Garden Program is dedicated to the physical, social and spiritual health of our veterans. We welcome your participation in the WLA VA Garden, working alongside our veterans to return our beautiful 11-acre property to its restorative oasis. Our garden work will enable our veterans to focus on the importance of nutrition in their daily lives to reduce chronic disease and obesity, focusing on health and well-being, building community, building relationships, developing leadership potential, teaching independence and self-reliance, and improving self-reliance. valued.


The WLA VA Therapeutic Gardening Program was developed to improve the physical, social and spiritual health of our veterans. Inviting our veterans to participate in meaningful outdoor gardening activities offers to strengthen and improve their cognitive performance, increase their awareness of self-care, wellness and exercise, and teach gardening skills related to the production and preparation of fruits/vegetables. Veterans will learn garden maintenance, planting and propagation techniques, sustainability, environmental stewardship, collaborative community engagement and socializing, independent self-defense skills, self-esteem building self and leadership opportunities.

Growing and preparing organic fruits and vegetables is a fundamental part of enabling our veterans to focus on the importance of nutrition in their daily lives to reduce chronic disease and obesity, as well as learning to focus on their mental health and well-being. Additionally, the garden will provide a therapeutic space for veterans to participate in ongoing educational programs, exercise, collaborate and socialize, provide meaningful service opportunities, build community connections and relationships with others and creating a pathway for social change.


We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers with all levels of gardening experience. Volunteers will help weed, water, mulch and clear/rake abandoned land, restore the garden to its potential, prepare the soil for 20 raised beds and prepare them for organic fruit/vegetable planting. We look forward to ongoing maintenance projects that will beautify and enhance the park-like setting, creating areas of blooming flowers and colorful sensory gardens to attract pollinators, and restoration areas with shade and spaces to relax, gather and meditate. We will also be happy to reap the fruits of our labor together.


  • Proof of Covid vaccination is required before participating in garden activities.
  • LA Works has signed a waiver if you are under 18.
  • Ability to participate in light gardening tasks (weeding/watering/planting); tools/gloves provided.


We recommend that you wear sunscreen, a hat and layered protective clothing. Water and light snacks will be provided, as well as gloves and gardening tools. If you bring your gardening tools, please label them with your name.

ADA accessibility, no stairs, wide lanes, restrooms and adjacent parking on property.

All volunteers participating in this volunteer opportunity must adhere to the health and safety guidelines outlined here:


By By clicking “Register”, I acknowledge that I am aware and understand that I am registering for activities that may be inherently dangerous and may expose me to a variety of foreseen and unforeseen dangers and risks, including exposure to coronavirus disease 2019 (“COVID-19”). Activities may involve some degree of contact with patrons in need of assistance and other volunteers who may be carriers of COVID-19 and personal protective equipment may not be available for my use and/or effective in preventing the transmission of COVID-19, whether as a result of my actions or otherwise.

By by clicking on “Register”, I acknowledge that I am voluntarily participating in the activities and that I have taken these risks into account. I hereby expressly and specifically assume these risks, including any risk of injury, illness, harm or loss that I may suffer as a result of my participation in the Activities. I hereby fully and forever release LA Works from, and expressly waive, all liability claims and demands of any kind, at law or in equity, that may arise from my participation in the Activities.


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