Metafrax Chemicals Selects Casale As Engineering Partner For Melamine Plant


Metafrax Chemicals second melamine plant has taken a further step towards realization with the signing of a contract with Casale in Moscow, Russia, on November 10, 2021 for the last phase of the entire project, namely covering the execution of engineering, procurement of all materials and construction.

The signing ceremony took place in Moscow in the presence of the Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Mikhail Ivanov. and the head of the Perm region. Dmitri Makhonin.

The second melamine unit is expected to be operational during the year 2025 and will be fully integrated into the large complex – currently being completed – which includes, in addition to a substantial renovation of the existing methanol plants, an ammonia plant , a urea plant and the first melamine plant as well as a CO2 recovery unit, with Casale as EP contractor.

With this new 40,000 tpa plant, Metafrax will double its production capacity within a few years.

“We are extremely satisfied with this new brand of confidence from Metafrax Chemicals, which by choosing us as a partner also for the second melamine unit has thus strengthened a relationship which began decades ago and which has brought great benefits to both. companies. It is also nice to see that Metafrax Chemicals, thanks to the new plant, will further grow and become more competitive in global markets ”, commented F. Zardi, CEO of Casale.

“It’s a difficult and expensive project, but it’s our strategic decision. We also want to sell melamine in the market because all the consumers are the companies we work with in one way or another both in our Austrian factory and in Russia ”, commented PJSC Metafrax Chemicals, President from the Board of Directors, Armen Garslian.

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