Migrant museum gets green light


Plans for a Vietnamese museum in Footscray have been approved by the local council, with the building designed by Konzepte Melbourne to preserve and showcase the culture of Vietnamese migrants who traveled to Australia during the Vietnam War period.

About 10% of Footscray’s population is Vietnamese. After several decades in the community, the townspeople believed that the best way to tell the story of the migrants was in the form of a museum.

“It’s to keep this history alive so it won’t be forgotten and future generations can have a place to go and see where their ancestors came from and form their own sense of identity,” Tammy Nguyen said. , committee member of the Vietnamese Museum of Australia. the SBS.

“It took a long time and it took a lot of hands and a lot of energy to get up and running.

“We really want to show what the Vietnamese community has brought to Australia over the past 50 years.”

The bamboo facade is reminiscent of the plant which is the cornerstone of Vietnamese culture. The adoption of red throughout is a nod to Vietnam’s national flag, as well as Australia’s red soil, which intersects the two cultures. The four-level museum will house exhibition and resource spaces, as well as a shrine and memorial garden.

The $20 million facility will begin construction later this year, with completion scheduled for 2025, some 50 years since Vietnamese refugees first set foot on Australian soil.

For more information visit www.vietnamesemuseum.com.au.


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