Ministry of Agriculture introduces farmers to new organic fertilizer


The team from the Ministry of Agriculture demonstrating

The Ashanti Regional Food and Agriculture Directorate introduced farmers to a new organic fertilizer as part of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture’s efforts to promote alternative agricultural production inputs towards safety food at a time when the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is having a serious impact on the international fertilizer supply chain.

Farmers were led around a demonstration maize farm where organic fertilizer was applied which gave a noticeable yield.

Mr. Seth Osei Akoto, Director of Agricultural Services, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, participated in the field observation visit.

The powdered organic fertilizer is enriched with zinc and other qualities comparable to the known inorganic nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, NPK-based products that farmers are used to in their agricultural production.

It can even be applied during the soil preparation period three months before the actual planting.

Concept Green organic fertilizer, once applied, significantly reduces the acid content of the soil while increasing its alkalinity for better crop yield.

A farmer, Agyemang Amoah, who has already tried it with the known inorganic fertilizer on his mixed crop farm, was among the participating farmers and with maize samples from both farms, shared his experience with the other farmers around.

With two cobs of yellow corn separately in both hands, Mr. Amoah demonstrated, “In my hands are corn cobs from both my inorganic and organic fertilizer farms.

“There is no striking difference in their performance. I applied the organic fertilizer during land preparation about three months before planting the maize.

The field visit to the maize plot at Kumasi Metro Agriculture Department premises at Dadiesoaba in Kumasi witnessed farmers, municipal and district agricultural managers and some regional and national level managers, introduce the new organic fertilizer to farmers. and officials.

The demonstration farm, which was cultivated on an overused land filled with gravel in April this year, has reached the stage of maturity with an appreciable yield allowing an effective comparison with the other fertilizers of the participants.

Department of Agriculture Kumasi Metro Crops Officer, Mr. Twumasi Ankrah, who supervised the demonstration farm, briefed participants on the most efficient fertilizer application processes.

The field visit was attended by the Director of Agricultural Services of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Mr. Seth Osei Akoto, a former Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture, Mr. Abraham Dwumah Odoom , a renowned commercial maize farmer who is also a former Ejura-Sekyedumase MP, Alhaji Issifu Pangabu among others to also learn about the new organic fertilizer.

Mr. Dwumah Odoom described the international factors undermining food production as a blessing in disguise to force Ghana to domesticate.

Agric’s Ashanti Regional Director, Reverend John Manu, said the product is being introduced as part of the government’s flagship agriculture initiative, Planting for Food and Jobs, with a substantial grant to engender the accessibility by farmers.

The Director of Crop Services at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Mr. Seth Osei Akoto, said that the disruption of the international fertilizer supply chain due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the government is partnering with the private sector to develop alternative fertilizers to make up for the shortage which, since last year, has had a negative impact on local food production.


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