MMJ BioPharma Cultivation Receives Marijuana Cultivation Equipment Creating Marijuana Center of Excellence


MMJ BioPharma Culturea DEA API Bulk Manufacturer applicant to grow marijuana received their advanced precision cultivation equipment. With this innovative culture technology MMJ BioPharma Culture will be able to reproduce quality strain-specific cannabis to meet the DEA’s definition of marijuana chemical reproducibility and quality.

Duane BoisePresident of MMJ said “By providing this innovative solution, it allows MMJ BioPharma Cultivation to cultivate multiple strain-specific marijuana plants for research and development. There is no other technology on the market that offers this level precision and reproducibility.

MMJ’s growing equipment has sophisticated monitoring devices that collect an unprecedented amount of data analysis. Having the ability to collect this data on the plant growth process will allow the MMJ analyst to dial in the specific formula for the same results. All controlled environment grow units are equipped with end-to-end production planning software. This will provide consistent chemical reproducibility of the cannabis plant within extremely tight tolerances.

Dr Elio Mariani said “This is a bold financial move on the part of the company as we are still waiting for the DEA to issue registration. Although it will allow us to isolate strain-specific plants to research and ensure the consistency, quality and reproducibility at the pharmaceutical level to achieve scientifically meaningful conclusions.”

MMJ sued the DEA for dragging its feet on not issuing the tape in a timely manner. Currently, MMJ BioPharma is nearing completion of its state-of-the-art marijuana center of excellence.

Photo by Richard T on Unsplash

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MMJ BioPharma Cultivation to produce quality cannabis, meeting the DEA definition of chemical reproducibility


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