Plant Store Teased For Accidentally Cheeky Box Design


An online plant store went viral this week after eagle-eyed shoppers noticed its box design was a bit crude.

PLNTS, which sells and delivers a huge range of indoor plants and pots, has chosen to wrap its brand name around one corner of its boxes.

But it turns out that when you cut ‘PLNTS’ in half horizontally, it looks an awful lot like… ‘penis’.

Much to the delight of people on Twitter, with a tweet about the box receiving over 83,000 likes at the time of writing.

A PLNTS spokesperson said the design was “unintentional” but they liked reading the comments that poured in.

A fierce debate over whether the graphic designer responsible chose the placement on purpose has erupted online.

One person said: “As a graphic designer I know nothing is ever unintentional, they knew EXACTLY what they were doing.”

The design of the PLNTS box caused a stir. Credit: Twitter @amzeratul

Another wrote: “I’d like to believe it was 100% intentional.”

Someone said the graphic designer in charge should get a raise.

“When I see stuff like this, I always imagine a group of designer friends who challenge each other to get away with writing/drawing the dumbest stuff they can. In the design classes we took , it was fun,” said one user.

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And someone shared their own cheeky design work, writing, “Reminds me of the days when I almost got away with putting a botanical illustration of cannabis in the bg menu design of a restaurant in which I hated working. Designers can be sneaky.

A PLNTS spokesperson said: “We have already noticed that the post has gone viral, we think that’s great! I can imagine the designer laughing behind his desk watching this unfold.

“As far as we know, this was unintentional in the design. Our team is also having a great time reading everyone’s feedback.

What a cheeky move from this graphic designer.

Featured Image: Twitter, @amzeratoul


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