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The origin story of Sika, a brand that is today a world-renowned leader in specialty chemicals with more than 300 factories around the world, dates back to 1910 – and all the way to the Swiss Alps. The company’s founding entrepreneur, Kaspar Winkler, set things in motion by inventing Sika-1 – a fast-setting waterproofing admixture for mortar. The pioneering product was used to waterproof the Gotthard tunnel, which played a pivotal role in enabling the Swiss railway company to power the crucial connection between northern and southern Europe.

Today, the courageous and innovative spirit of its founder continues to support the brand values, and the company’s products actively enable industry professionals to generate more durable, long-lasting and high-quality results in the construction and automotive sectors. And although much has changed since the company was founded over a century ago, Sika’s goal has remained the same: to anticipate and meet future challenges by providing sustainable, innovative and reliable solutions for construction, building and manufacturing industries. In other words, to continue building a more sustainable future.

This harmonious fusion of innovation and sustainability is reflected in Sika’s drive to extend the life of existing buildings/structures, improve energy and material efficiency, and reduce resource consumption – both within the company only for its partners and customers.

Whether it is protection against climatic conditions, pollution or fire; strengthen the durability of supporting structures; increase the longevity and functioning of facades; or attenuation of sound emissions for increased occupant comfort – Sika’s extensive expertise spans a wide range of applications, always striving to improve project life and efficiency.

For example, Sika offers flooring systems designed to reduce carbon footprint using less energy and resources, and bespoke roofing solutions manufactured to provide extreme durability and longevity that saves energy, resources and expenses throughout the life of the building.

Likewise, Sika’s bonding, sealing and waterproofing systems and products are designed with energy efficiency in mind, as well as carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emissions and waste reduction. Whether it’s a deck, balcony or water supply installation with extremely stringent requirements, Sika’s unique line of sealants improves both efficiency and durability. infrastructure endurance.

The brand’s adhesives and sealants also play a crucial role in generating best-in-class performance and longevity of facades and fenestration solutions, ensuring carefully designed exteriors can withstand harsh Australian weather conditions for years to come. come.

The same principle defines Sika’s renovation segment which offers industry professionals solutions for the repair, reinforcement and protection of concrete structures designed to extend the life of existing buildings. Sika’s years of experience have allowed the brand to offer a range of products that can help restore, rehabilitate and protect these designs to outlast generations.

Sika also offers workable concrete solutions that can be individually adjusted in ready-mixed and precast concrete plants or on site, depending on the type of cement or the application. These concrete admixtures can help improve the durability profile of concrete in a variety of ways. For example, the addition of stabilizing or water reducing admixtures can enable the use of recycled materials in the production of high quality concrete. Likewise, water reduction can be significant – thanks to Sika’s range of water reducers, over 25,000 million liters of water are saved in concrete production every year. Finally, the energy required to manufacture certain cement or concrete mixes will be positively impacted by the incorporation of admixtures in the production process.

In addition, Sika is a benchmark for many of the world’s leading wind turbine producers. Being the only partner capable of providing blade-to-base product systems and solutions to the wind industry, it’s no wonder that more than half of the world’s wind turbines use the company’s product. – and 25% of the blades in the world are glued with Sika adhesives. The company’s expertise in renewable energy also covers the repair and maintenance of wind turbines. Often located in extremely exposed locations where harsh weather conditions can have serious consequences, turbines require prompt and timely maintenance – and Sika’s renowned team of technicians and experts are here to safeguard these renewable energy sources. incredibly valuable and ensure they can continue to harness wind power.

Sika’s multi-faceted sustainability approach, which spans a wide range of sectors and segments, is underpinned by the ongoing premise of transparency. The brand has been issuing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for its products since 2012 and their current and impressive collection of EPDs covers all construction segments.

The brand’s advanced, multi-layered and transparent sustainability program, which covers such a wide range of segments, offers industry professionals the opportunity to choose forward-looking and environmentally friendly solutions, from roof to under. -ground, from the blade to the base – and from top to bottom.


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