Soaring nitrogen fertilizer prices raise fears of an unprecedented crisis for Quebec agricultural producers in the wake of the war in Ukraine


For Eastern Canadaup to 60% of the nitrogen fertilizer used in the manufacture of fertilizer blends comes from Russia and the imposition of international trade sanctions prohibiting all trade with Russia creates a feared shortage that could have serious repercussions on our 2022 planting season,” said the President and CEO of Agro-100 Stephane Beaucage. He added that the imposition of a retaliatory 35% import tax by Western countries, combined with skyrocketing transport costs and supply chain disruptions, could lead to an unprecedented crisis with serious consequences on the operating budgets of manufacturers and agricultural producers.

All these upheavals have contributed to the increase in the price of fertilizer products which, in just one year, has doubled (2) and even tripled (3), adding undue pressure to both manufacturers and users. “It is easy to imagine the magnitude of the phenomenon attributable to global geopolitics when we see that Russia and Ukraine together supply 30% of the world’s wheat to the markets“, added Mr. Beaucage, indicating that since the beginning of the conflict, millions of tons of cereals remain stored in silos at Ukraine and Russia. For Agro-100 and the entire Canadian food production chain, every effort must be made to protect the integrity of the planting season, which must in no way be compromised, for the sake of of Quebec food safety.

The immediate alternative

In this unprecedented context, Agro-100 offers a dual-action alternative capable of significantly reducing the extent of these expected impacts. For Agro-100, this alternative lies in the optimal use of foliar biostimulants such as CropBooster® 2.0 or Salvador C-Plex, which improve the vegetative growth of plants in addition to being able to relaunch the growth of plants slowed down by frost, cold or drought.

Then, the commitment, in a second phase, to an optimization of available fertilizers based on the 4R Protocol, developed by Fertilizers Canada and implemented in Quebec by the Quebec Factory Network, which represents an optimal operational practice. Focused on sustainable agriculture, 4R nutrient stewardship (right source, right rate, right time, right place) also clearly contributes to increased yields per acre through optimal use of fertilizers. “The fertilizer industry plays a vital role in the Quebec and the Canadian economy and must remain competitive in Quebecadded Stéphane Beaucage, specifying that this contribution to increasing the quality of crops and yields will result in a significant increase in harvests and incomes for agricultural producers in a context of sustainable development.

Mr. Beaucage concluded by specifying that the proven efficacy of the foliar biostimulant CropBooster® 2.0, combined with compliance with the 4R Certification, appears to be, at first sight, one of the best immediate measures to mitigate the impacts associated with the risk of scarcity. , while offering real and exclusive technological added value.

SOURCE Agro-100

For further information: Source: Stéphane Beaucage, President and CEO – Agro-100; Contact person: Alexandre Dumas, 514-898-4636 (cell), [email protected]


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