Tanzania: Huawei ICT lab equipment donation to Dodoma University, study engine


Huawei Technologies Tanzania donated an ICT lab to the University of Dodoma (UDOM) to improve the information and communication technology sector and spark innovative minds in Tanzania.

The Lab is equipped with modern and advanced infrastructure that can help students gain access to real practical skills necessary for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. For more than two years, Huawei has worked in partnership with UDOM on issues related to ICT, including capacity building and knowledge management as part of the company’s contribution to national development.

This might attempt to ask how important is ICT in our daily life? In short, ICT permeates all aspects of life, providing new, better and faster ways for people to interact, network, ask for help, access information and learn. . In addition to their presence everywhere, information and communication technologies have immense economic importance.

Thus, speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the institution’s Huawei ICT Lab, the Deputy Minister of Information, Communication and Technology, Eng. Kundo Andrea congratulated Huawei on the donation, saying it was a game-changer towards digital transformation in the country.

He said that by investing in ICT, both partners were a driving force towards the growth of the country’s economy as investing in technical skills was vital as far as development vision 2025 was concerned.

“Kudos to Huawei for the role it has played in this country. Since its establishment in Tanzania 13 years ago, Huawei has been instrumental in training and educating local ICT students through its renowned program, the Huawei ICT Academy, established in 2018. The ministry will continue to collaborate with Huawei to improve ICT awareness, build ICT infrastructure and provide content and skills to students across the country, ”said Eng. Kundo.

In addition to the UDOM-Huawei ICT laboratory, the vice-minister respectively launched the telecommunications and mobile repair and maintenance laboratories. He said UDOM was a clear example of institutions that had seriously invested in ICT.

On the other hand, Huawei Deputy General Manager Tom Tao said his company is determined to invest in the younger generation by equipping them with the necessary skills that can help the country develop through digital technology. .

“Our priority is to nurture young talent, especially in the ICT industry, which is very important to the country’s economy and the young generation has proven to be an influential resource for the country,” said Mr. Tao.

Commenting on the benefits of the ICT lab offered by Huawei Technologies, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Dr Leonard Akwilapo urged the beneficiaries of the lab to use it effectively for the good of the country.

“We are all aware of the country’s goal of achieving digital economy. To achieve this goal, the country needs qualified ICT professionals. The lab offered by Huawei will help you acquire the practical skills required in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. I encourage all of you to use this opportunity wisely for the good of the country. I congratulate Huawei on this initiative and invite other stakeholders to do the same, ”said Dr Akwilapo.

For his part, the Acting Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dodoma, Professor Leonard Mselle, thanked Huawei Technologies for having always been at the forefront in helping to build the capacities of young Tanzanians.

He said UDOM sees Huawei as a strategic partner that would help the university advance its vision.

“We plan to set up the very first high-tech electronics assembly plant in the country, with the aim of completing the country’s industrialization program.” Prof. Mselle said, confident that in the near future the university would have the factory in place with or without partners.


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