The design of the Leh Expressway project has changed again



With another change in the design of the Leh Highway project, the government decided to further dig the depth of Nullah Leh instead of widening it.

The depth of the Nullah Leh will be increased by 11 feet, which will result in a small amount of land acquisition for the project.

Previously, the government planned to acquire 1,200 Kanals of land for the Leh Expressway project, but now 605 Kanals of land will be acquired, which will also address the concerns of residents.

After modifications, the length of Nullah Leh will be 16 kilometers and its width will be 30 meters instead of 60 meters.

The project will cost Rs90 billion while it will be completed in 18 months.

The investigation for the acquisition of the land is almost completed.

The Nullah Leh will remain open while the water flows during the monsoon season, approximately 0.1 million cusecs will flow there.

The Nullah Leh will have a 12 foot wide road on both sides with barriers to protect it from intrusion by humans and animals. Collector sewers will be laid under the Leh highway to transport the city’s wastewater. The sewers will join the Soan River from where the wastewater will be transported to the WASA treatment plant in Gorakhpur.

After treatment, the treated water will again be routed to the Soan River which will be used for irrigation.

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) chairman Tariq Murtaza said the foundations for the project would be laid by Prime Minister Imran Khan on December 25.

Posted in The Express Tribune, December 4e, 2021.


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