This home plant grower maintains a minimalist design and grows any plant indoors, in your kitchen!


Balance is a home plant grower that maintains a small enough size and minimalist design to fit into any modern kitchen.

The pandemic has proven that having access to your source of produce should be as common as having access to clean water. Yet the majority of us depend on grocery stores and delivery apps to get our produce and fresh greenery. While keeping your eyes open for buzzwords like organic and local harvesting is a personal choice, there is no way of knowing exactly under what conditions and where our products are harvested.

Balance, a Plant Grower designed by Designer Dot, is designed for those of us who want access to a personal supply of fresh produce at home without having to tend to a garden day in and day out.

Designer Dot is known for its extensive catalog of home appliances. Designer Dot is all about merging a minimalist aesthetic with practical design, from portable wireless chargers to stand-alone coffeemakers.

When creating Balance, the team at Designer Dot sought to conceptualize a home plant grower compact enough to fit into any modern kitchen and unobtrusive in its minimalist design to suit any home. what an interior design scheme.

Stored the same way as most plant growers, Balance comes with sliding drawers that contain pods and germination cavities for produce and crops to germinate and grow from. The drawers themselves can be pulled out to allow the height of the ceiling to grow taller plants, which users can swap out for different plants accordingly.

Once the seeds are planted, Balance takes care of the rest. Inside Balance, LEDs cast a continuous grow light over the seedlings to ensure healthy crops arrive at harvest time. To prevent LEDs from occupying too much of the kitchen, Designer Dot integrated roller blinds shield the cultivator’s light from sight.

Keeping a rather minimal exterior, Balance is originally available in a blush pink shade, which users can customize to suit their tastes.

Metal ribs with integrated haptic sensor technology run the entire length of Balance’s front cover, serving as the device’s control panel. There, users will find the on / off button, temperature dials, and other control switches that work to optimize growing conditions for plants indoors. Plus, like most modern home appliances, Balance comes with a companion app that suggests the best care for each user’s specific plants.

Designer: Designer Dot

Balance’s built-in smartphone app alerts users when plants need special care.

Intuitive app reminders alert users to the overall condition of their factories.

When placed in the kitchen, Spiral Shades from Balance provide a stylish way to cover the luminous LEDs of the appliance.

Along the front of Balance, metal ribs wrap around the haptic control panels.


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