Tips for Growing Your Own Berries in Minnesota


FOX 9’s Garden Guy Dale K has tips for growing berries successfully, which can help you save money at the grocery store.

The key to growing berries is soil preparation. All types of berries like well-drained soil rich in organic matter. Good options include peat moss (it will help loosen compacted soil), dairy cow manure, and chicken coop poo. There are other good fertilizers made specifically for berries.

There are many types of berries that you can plant in your own garden. Some options for berries and berries to plant include vines, including varieties developed in Minnesota; raspberries; blueberries, which are a great landscape plant, but you need to cross-pollinate with them; honeysuckle; and the arctic kiwi, which is very hardy.

Blueberries like acidic soil. To lower the pH of your soil, try soil sulfur. To find out your pH levels, you can purchase a soil test kit from your local garden center.

It’s also important to keep nets handy, as birds and other critters will want to prey on your berries.


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