Upcycling tips to ‘instantly breathe new life’ into your garden – the options are ‘endless’


Upcycling allows objects to be reused, thus extending their lifespan. Many tend to upcycle furniture by painting or reupholstering it and Brits can also use upcycling when it comes to the garden.

A company spokesperson said: “With the current cost of living crisis now is a great time to start looking at what you can recycle and when it comes to the outdoors the possibilities are endless. .

“Upcycling is basically giving another purpose or a second life to something that you may have outgrown or no longer need.

“When it comes to your garden, you can recycle many household items, for example pots or pans that you are looking to replace in your kitchen can create stylish and quirky flower pots in your garden.

“Or if you have an extra deck, you can lay these wooden planks down to create a garden path.

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For gardeners who already have flower pots and are looking to brighten up the garden, painting them is a great way to spruce them up.

Money-saving experts have recommended painting them in bright colors or using different patterns to “instantly breathe new life into your garden.”

They added: “You can also turn an old ladder into a plant display.

“If you have an old wooden ladder, why not cut it down to about two or three steps, lean it against a wall and put some flower pots on it.

“You can paint this and reuse it as a cute little coffee table. If you feel you need more height, you can always lean it on bricks or another pallet.

Mirrors can also be used in the garden to create the illusion of a larger space.

They can be hung on fences, on the back of houses, or even placed on a table.

Experts continued: “The next time you finish your favorite jam, consider washing the jar and setting it aside.

“On summer evenings, light a candle and insert it into your jam jars to set the mood.”

Old yogurt pots can also be used to start growing seedlings indoors.


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