Watering ‘mistakes’ to ‘avoid’ when watering garden plants – ’causes plant death’


Watering is essential to maintain healthy plants. During the summer months, gardeners may water their plants once or even twice a day, and getting it right is extremely important. Tom Hilton, outdoor and indoor gardening specialist at National greenhouse exclusively shared several common mistakes to avoid when watering your garden plants with Express.co.uk.

Not giving your plants enough water is one thing, but at the other end of the scale, you can also harm your plants by overwatering them, especially when you forget to account for rainfall.

Tome explained, “Overwatering can actually hamper the growth process, and even lead to plant death if they don’t have enough time to drain the excess water, especially when potted. “

To prevent this from happening, the expert advised gardeners to learn about their individual plant types to establish a watering schedule.

It might also be helpful to note how often it rains to avoid giving them too much of a treat.

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The gardening pro explained, “Too often people water their plants at the end of the day, adopting a routine that is more convenient for them than for their plants.

“But in fact, the best time of day to water plants is in the morning so they are fully prepared for the day ahead, and this is especially important during warmer seasons and heat waves.

“This will ensure the plants can stay hydrated throughout the day and during the hottest hours.”

Plus, when it’s particularly hot, some plants will definitely “benefit from a second watering” in the early evening to quench their thirst overnight, according to Tom.

But consider how much shade they have had during the day and if they will need it.

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When it comes to hot weather, it’s best not to water plants during the hottest parts of the day.

The expert said: “When heat waves come, don’t make the mistake of watering plants in the middle of the day when the sun is scorching.

“Stick to the morning routine so the plants have had a chance to hydrate gradually.

By waiting for the day to turn warm, gardeners will be doing them a disservice.

The water will evaporate before it reaches the roots, leaving the plants to dry out in the afternoon.

When watering plants, many simply water over the top rather than the bottom, which is a huge mistake.

Tom explained, “Remember to water your plants at the base to quickly access the root system.

“It can be tempting to pour over the top, especially if you have a lot of plants next to each other, but ultimately it’s the roots that have to absorb the water for the plants to grow.” effectively.

He suggested gardeners use a watering can to pour under plant stems and flowers and ensure the soil below gets a good amount.

Again, during very dry seasons, gardeners may need to do this a few times a week or even a few times a day.


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