Western Potash Corp. strengthens its management and technical teams


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Western Resources Corp. announced that its Regina subsidiary, Western Potash Corp., has an enhanced corporate and project management team. After the official launch of the Milestone Phase 1 project in mid-May, Western set up its executive committee and technical committee to move the project forward more efficiently.

The EC is Western’s primary decision-making body responsible for corporate strategy and development plan, corporate policies and regulations, key project technical direction, and project budget. The EC is chaired by Mr. Mark Fracchia and includes Mr. Brandon Bartosh as a member. Mr. Fracchia has a track record of achievement in leadership, strategy, vision and innovative potash mining technology. He is also a current member of the Company’s Board of Directors. Previously, he was President of PCS Potash at PotashCorp (now Nutrien) and General Manager of various potash sites. Mr. Bartosh is a world-class selective solution mining expert with over 15 years of hands-on potash mining and mining experience. He is currently Operations Manager and Plant Manager of Western Potash.

The TC is an advisory committee providing advice to the EC on the solution mining development plan and other key technical issues. The TC includes the world’s leading technical experts in solution mining and process engineering, including Elmar Goldsmith, Robert Plosz and Irwin Ewen. Mr. Goldsmith led the technical initiative for three potash mines in Saskatchewan. He also led a water inlet sanitation project. Mr. Plosz is known for his more than 40 years of practical experience in the field of solution mining. He was the general manager of the largest dissolving mine in the world. Mr. Ewen is an industry leading process engineer with particular knowledge of selective solution mining of potash. The addition of these senior technical experts to Western’s team is expected to significantly improve Western’s solution mining plan.

Mr. Bill Xue, President and CEO of the company, said, “I am very pleased to see the improvement in corporate leadership and technical project teams at Western. Western is fortunate to have some of the best potash professionals in the world to help move the project forward through their respective capabilities. We expect the new team to be the best fit for the current stage of project development. As the project progresses, Western expects to further refine and improve these teams. I look forward to witnessing the success of the project.

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