Wonderful Hi-Tech expects sales of LEO satellite equipment to increase


LEO satellites promise great business opportunities. Credit: DIGTIMES

Cable maker Wonderful Hi-Tech has become a supplier of transmission cables used in ground receivers for low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites through its experience in manufacturing direct buried cable products, according to the CEO of the company, Paul Chang.

In addition, with the growth of the automotive networking and cable business, the company aims to achieve a 20-30% year-over-year increase in revenue by 2022 and an even higher percentage of profit growth. .

Currently, Wonderful’s factory in Taiwan mainly handles the production of network cables, including CMP and CMR, while factories in Thailand and Vietnam mainly manufacture automotive and computer cables for automobile and device manufacturers. local appliances. Its factory in China mainly produces cables for consumer electronics, healthcare devices and home appliances.

Although 5G infrastructure becomes popular, the demand for LEO satellites still exists in remote areas and in the middle of the oceans. The company has already started shipping products to existing customers and is currently negotiating with a potential customer for orders, Chang said.

Wonderful expects great business opportunities from the satellite industry in the years to come, as in 2020 around 50% of the space economy was generated by satellite ground equipment, 44% satellite applications, 5% satellites themselves. same and 2% the manufacture of satellites.

Wonderful also expects the Metaverse to be a potential business opportunity, as the growing demand for AR / VR devices is expected to increase the need for better network communication equipment.


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